Jared Jewelers Robinson Twp PA / Damaged Watch

North Fayette Store, Robinson Twp, PA, United States

Recently took my Movado watch for a battery change. They charged me $25 to ship it to their repair center. Then estimated another $82.50 for the battery! Their repair dept suggested several repairs needed done to the watch, however, I sent it in pristine condition, as it was hardly worn. I knew they were being dishonest about the repairs they claimed needed done, so I asked them to send it back and I would send it directly to Movado, who estimated less than $50 to change battery and overhaul the watch, if needed. When I picked up my Movado from Jared's, it was damaged. The back was scratched and there was a small gouge in the gold on the face of the watch. They refused to take responsibility. I spoke to a rep from their corporate office, who in turn stated the watch was damaged when they received it originally. However, this was not true, as it was inspected by their sales clerk before being shipped to their repair center. They refused to compensate me or admit that they damaged my watch and tried to gouge me out of $107.50. Needless to say, I returned a new watch I purchased prior to this...I won't give them any business...neither should you! Also, my wife purchased a watch at Jared's and a week later, it quit working. Their solution was to send it to their repair center and she should expect at least 4-6 weeks to get it back. she exchanged the watch for another one, but is contemplating returning it for a refund, as well, because of their shoddy business practices. Don't be fooled by the fancy building, gleaming showcases, and overall uppity attitude of the employees. Their stuff is junk !!!

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