ITV / piers morgan morning programme interview with ross greer msp

United Kingdom

Morgan, during his nasty and combative interview with Ross Greer MSP, was allowed to criticise Greer's appearance and demeanour in what I think was unprecedented even by the smug Morgan, who also hogged the interview and ignore his co- presenters.
Ross Greer MSP provided facts which should of course never be allowed to sully Piers Morgan's adulation of Sir Winston Churchill.
He laughed at Morgan's denial of facts and was criticised for laughing. He was criticised for smirking. I have never heard such an aggressive interview.
You have enabled Morgan to deny facts and to criticise in an unacceptable manner the bearer of these facts.
His adversarial interview was staged to allow him to criticise an elected representative. Your station enabled it. One thing is clear. Nobody voted for Morgan. So what will you do about this?

Jan 30, 2019

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