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ITV / britain's got talent

1 England, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Review updated:

I recently viewed an episode of Britain's Got Talent, in which a lady auditioned as a Christian Mime artist. Her act was miming to Christian music and lyrics. Whilst I recognise that those who audition are going to face a certain amount of ridicule if their act is not entertaining or relevant, I feel that the comments from the judges stepped over a line. It did appear that the judges were ridiculing her faith as a Christian and not just her act, all for a quick laugh. After some technical issues, and being asked to sing as the tape wouldn't play, she was buzzed out of the competition. Some of the judges quipped that 'God works in mysterious ways', 'someone is giving you a sign'. I appreciate that the contestants performance was not the most comfortable to watch, but was appalled at the response from the judges who I feel were pushing her into a corner to defend her faith. I feel quite sad that not only did ITV think it was acceptable to air this, but also to build her story up before and after the performance to make it a 'failure feature' in the programme. To me it comes across as quite a deliberate and pointed attack on this lady's faith, and gives the impression to the general public that it's OK to make fun of some one's faith.

For the record, I'm a level-headed, regular Christian and I hate mime, particularly bad mime! But good on the contestant for her bravery in front of the judges.

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  • Bi
      17th of May, 2009
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    Don't have to be xtian to be ridiculed. That broad's got some balls though, I'll say that much. She was awful.

  • Ri
      23rd of May, 2009
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    Having just watched this evening's episode of "Britain's Got Talent, " I couldn't believe that the judges didn't put through the 12 year old boy who played the drums. Admittedly, in my humble opinion, he wouldn't win the show, or probably not reach the Final, but when I saw some of the acts that were put through to the semi-finals, then I can only assume that these were to boost the viewing ratings and not based on any modicum of talent! That poor lad looked devastated and I just hope that he will be strong willed enough to carry on with his obvious ability to play the drums. Shame on you so called judges!

    Richard Shepherd
    Potters Bar

  • Ma
      29th of May, 2009
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    I Have been watching and enjoying Britains got talent and have enjoyed every show. Until tonight.
    This is a talent show and it has to be fair to all participants to keep its credibility. some of the acts are ridiculous of course but all abide by certain rules which govern whether they get to the next level.
    tonight this did not happen because Hollie steel forgot her lines and thew a small tantrum on stage and as a result was given another chance to sing her song from the begining.
    As soon as that happened the public vote was bias towards her tears and reactions and not her performance ( which was mediocre anyway) and she was pushed through to the final unfairly.

    this really illustrates to me that some of the contestants on this show are too young and cant cope with the pressures that a show like this generates.
    there should be a lower age limit (12)

    on the other side of this coin is Aiden steel whos superb performance assured he deservedlyand fairly got through.

  • Ss
      29th of May, 2009
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    "For the record, I'm a level-headed, regular Christian" - thats why your whining about misrepresentation of christians... **yawn** Go back to watching songs of praise with thora hird.

  • An
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    you weak Brits, letting the freakin Indians pour in and take over your country I feel badly for you.

    Every cool show nowadays suddenly, an Indian slips into a major role at some point it is insipid

    they completely trained you and now you are forced to watch ugly people on TV, they wont even let you watch good looking people anymore

    well except for dr who

  • Un
      30th of May, 2009
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    As with many others, we are disappointed with last nights fiasco, even after sleeping we awoke to find we were still in shock that a 10 year old can throw a tantrum and get away with it, if an adult had performed in the same way, would the judges have given thenm another chance and told the nation that they were brave? we don't believe they would, after watching this so called talent show for the last week and looking forward to the final, we are actually thinking that maybe it's not as important to us anymore, things are not right with it, we would like to see the decision over ruled but know that won't happen, the question is if the 10 year old can't cope in rehearsals then are we being fair to her tonight to put her through it all again when it's very obvious SHE CAN'T COPE WITH THE PRESSURE!

  • Mi
      31st of May, 2011
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    having recently watched britains got talent on monay and tuesday me and my family will not be watching another show ! ... as it seems you are treating the public as if we have no judgement of good acts after letting lorna come back for a second chance... there were many more talented contestants who deserved a second chance ! the judges are on the panel to pick out the best of the best in the auditions but the audience are better judges than them! thankfully the winning act is up to the public not the judges!
    lets hope the best act wins BRITANS GOT TALENT

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