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ITV/ Demons / Scheduling of advertising and specific programme

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I have seen an advert during a family film, fora forthcoming ITV programme called 'Demons'. It is scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday 3rd January 2009 at 7.20 pm. The advert terrified itself is deeply disturbing, depicting blood sucking, Satanic looking creatures and hideous and menacing monsters. The whole hoorible programme is set to be televised ata prime time for young children. This surely CANNOT be suitable and is utterly beyond acceptable and looks similar to adult rated horror films.
The trailer is shocking - what on earth is the actual programme going to be like? there will be fine performances no doubr from some excellent actors but why is it on so early and why are the railers on so early?
My complaint is that it is adult viewing before the watershed.
Awful, horrble and disturbing. Sadly, I am probably adding to the draw of such a programme ( any publicity is good publicity, right?) but for the sake of all young children who may be watching, I am complaining.

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  9th of Jan, 2009
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Ali Shut up
get laid
And ### ### about good program
for the sake of your children let them watch this
keep them off the streets
you tree hugging hippy

  11th of Jan, 2009
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As much as I think what Lim said is pathetic and rude, I do agree with him. After having watched the show myself I can't see how it can be considered any more scary or adult than Doctor Who or Merlin. With the deepest respect I think you are over reacting completely, the scaryest part of the first episode was Macenzie Crook's character but even then there was humour and no particularly violent scenes.
Perhaps the trailer made it look worse, I don't know I didn't see it.
Still I'm doing a piece of coursework using this text for media and your complaint is something that could prove useful>
Thanks :)

  11th of Jan, 2009
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sorry about my previous message, bad day it just winds me up that programs good ones get people moaning about them, i do not watch the soaps, but i do not go and complain about them on websites
i just dont watch it. change the channel, the responsibility lies with in the parents not the net works.

  2nd of Feb, 2009
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I would like to complain also about this show, its rubbish

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