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I bought my daughter a MP4 player for christmas. The store said that itunes would work with all mp players. Guess what does not and the store said (Walmart) that there is nothing they can do about it contact itunes. What a joke they have only an email address and no phone number. They have yet contacted me about this. It was only a $15 gift card but that like here take my money I have it to throw away. My daughter was upset we were able to down load music I already had on my computer to her MP player so we know it works. Bottom line is don't trust Walmart and forget about iTunes helping you when thye already have your money.

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  • Le
      Jan 06, 2008
    iTunes - Download Failure--No Credit Provided
    United States

    I purchased and attempted to download a movie from itunes. Downloads take FOREVER and in the middle of mine, I got an error message and the procedure aborted. I informed iTunes and they acknowledged some problem with the file. They SAID that they were giving me credit for the purchase, so I went in and got another movie. They charged me for that one as well and when I complained they said that they couldn't give me credit because I had already been given credit for a 99 cent song that was inadequately labeled. So I still don't have the Thomas Crown Affair and I'm still out $9.99.

    This situation is absolutely actionable but because it involves a small amount, they are probably confident that they can act like strong arm bullies about the matter. They are complete opportunists.

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  • Be
      Jan 06, 2008

    Maybe you should go to an Apple store and enroll in an "itunes for dummies" class, actually I think there are probably instructions on the website for you. Do you need instructions on how to navigate an internet browser as well?

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  • Ma
      Dec 30, 2008
    iTunes - wrong download

    i have just recieved this Your receipt #8624162853...I was out of town. I think there has been a problem. I downloaded the 6ths season not the 5th. I just got back and all of my episodes were downloaded but the it wasnt the right season. Im pretty sur ei clicked on season 6. I already saw season 5. what am i supposed to do now? am i going to have to pay another 42 dollars? thats crazy...
    how can we go about this situation. please confirm when you can.

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  • In
      Dec 27, 2009
    iTunes - rip of
    Northern Ireland, County Down
    United Kingdom

    I put money on to my itunes through a £15 gift voucher for itunes and once I had gotten the money successfully on to my account I started to download songs and films but while I was downloading these the itunes had stopped working and windows was looking for a solution then itunes shut down, when I went back in to my itunes to see if the downloading had continued I realised it hadn't that was fine so I went into they itunes store to see if the £15 I had recently put on my account was still there and it wasn't. When I tried to redeem my accounts balance and had put in the code it has said my card had already been used, so I now have no money on my itunes and I am very very disappointed with the itunes company. they practically ripped me of and stole £15 of me. :@ i am very angry.

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  • Sp
      Mar 11, 2010
    iTunes - NOT so Free Itunes Software
    United States

    I received a Ipod Shuffle for my birthday, when I went to the Itunes setup which is suppose to be free it was blocked by a page where you have to sign up for a membership for a year or lifetime. I signed up thinking that was the only way I could set my shuffle up...after I signed up that page closed to expose the free software set up. I emailed Itunes explaining I just wanted the free software and according to the FAQ on their website (somebody else was not happy with the charge to get setup) you can cancel the membership and get a refund. GOOD luck with that. I got a reply that I would be contacted within 24 hours, its been about 24 days still nothing.

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  • Bo
      Mar 21, 2010
    iTunes - Automatic playing of CDs
    United States

    Even though I’ve selected Windows Media Player 11 as my default player, iTunes automatically takes control when I insert a CD and blocks Windows Media Player from automatically playing the CD.

    This is because iTunes player has an option to automatically import a CD, and I cannot deactivate this option. It gets to be very frustrating to have to shut the iTunes player and restart WMP.

    The only way I see out is by uninstalling iTunes and I'm hesitant to do it because I use some of its podcasts when doing ESOL tutoring.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  • Pe
      Aug 06, 2010
    iTunes - song
    United States

    I would like to say that itunes, doesn't have every song that i would like, every popular song that i would like. I wanted the song "We be steady mobbin" by lil wayne BUT NO! you only have the stupid instrumental just because it has "some" bad language and racist things in it. Seriously, i really like that song a LOT and now you itunes people ruined it. Thanks, i should just buy off of some other website now if you're not going to put that song up, and belive me, i probably bought tons of your itunes music, like most downloaded crap. If you don't put it on, the song then i will sue, that's right sue, you little ###ers acan just ### your own damn ###ing ### together because i know that you all are ###ers!

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  • Te
      Aug 07, 2010

    i thought i was downloading bob segar and it was some stoopid garage band instrumental!

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  • Gr
      Sep 05, 2010
    iTunes - explicit songs
    England, Berkshire
    United Kingdom

    my itunes has never allowed me to buy explicit songs on my ipod touch, but i could buy them on the itunes store and they would not sync on my ipod.
    but recently my ipod has allowed me to buy explicit songs on my ipod so i bought a song and it downloaded it and everything, it charged me and it is nowhere on my ipod or my computer after syncing it! :@

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  • Ba
      Sep 18, 2010

    You did not download iTunes using the Apple website but through a scam site. iTunes never charges a monthly fee and there is no "unlimited download" option. Contact your bank or credit card company and refute the charges

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  • An
      Dec 29, 2010

    It sounds like the problem is that you bought your daughter a crappy cheap mp3 player. Was she naughty? :( Itunes always gets back to me right away when I email them! :)

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  • Kr
      Jan 22, 2011
    iTunes - lost all music purchased on another computer
    apple itunes
    United States

    I had purchased about 50 songs from itunes from my computer. The computer crashed and I had to buy another computer . I lost all the songs that I had purchased on the old computer and when I downloaded new songs on my ipod, it wiped out all the old songs. I think itunes should refund all the money I spent on the old computer. I have tried every way available to contact itunes but cannot get a working number. This is the biggest ripoff I have ever experienced.

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  • Kr
      Jan 22, 2011

    I posted the comment and I have tried every avenue to contact itunes but cannot find a number on their website to call. The numbers they have listed are for technical problems and they want to charge a fee to talk to them. I am so frustrated with them.

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  • Kr
      Jan 22, 2011

    How did I get what I paid for when I can no longer access the music I purchased on the new computer??? Not only that, but when I downloaded new music from itunes on my ipod it wiped out all the music I had downloaded from my old computer. So, yes, I was ripped off as I no longer have access to the music I downloaded from the old computer. And since I cannot transfer the music from the old computer to the new I no longer have what I paid for... that is how I was ripped off!!!

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  • Kr
      Jan 22, 2011

    I am not asking for the cost of the old computer, I am asking for the refund of all the money I spent on the music I purchased on the old computer and can no longer access on my new computer or on my ipod as it was wiped out. Where are you all getting that I am blaming itunes for the crash of the computer????? I want access to the music I purchased from itunes and only the music I purchased on itunes. The only ridiculous comments are those that would think I want a NEW computer and not the music I purchased!!

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  • Yl
      Jan 22, 2011

    If you lose the hard drive your songs are stored, and you don't have a backup, there is a way to reconstruct your library from your ipod. You have to buy that software.

    The reason you wiped out your ipod is that you made the mistake of opening iTunes and your music library is empty. Once you hooked up the ipod, the library and ipod will be synchronized and the library content takes precedence.

    Sorry, I think it's just that you didn't know how this thing works.

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  • Kr
      Jan 22, 2011

    Zachary, the only problem I have is with rejects like you who have no friends or life and you have to go on comment boards and call people idiots who just want solution to problems, get a like loser!!!

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  • Am
      Jan 22, 2011

    I wish you the best in getting your money back. I can tell you that Apple is not going to sympathize with your putting the new music on the iPod and it wiping the old music off because when you go to sync your iPod to your iTunes, you'll see a box pop up saying along the lines of there being purchases on your iPod that are not in your iTunes and then asking if you want to copy them over to your iTunes. The second you say no to that, the old stuff got wiped, which Apple will say is your fault for following the prompts.

    Honestly, use this as a learning experience. I back up all my iTunes purchases onto an external hard drive so if my computer were to crash, I wouldn't be out all the music.

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  • Da
      Feb 05, 2011

    In itune go to help the apple service support. From here you can contact apple. But good luck as I beleive they subcontract this service to a company that is only interested in providing predetermine generic answers to question. I do agree if you have made a purchase and it is in your account history you should be able to retreive that purchase. However iTunes will most likely ask did you back it up as indicated after the download. Nope people CD are not dead you just use that as backup. That or a mobile hard drive, which is what I do

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  • Na
      Feb 09, 2011

    All you have to do is certify your itunes account on the new computer, plug in your ipod and it will prompt you to transfer any files you purchased (on the account you certified) onto your new computer. This prompt only appears the first time you connect the ipod to your new computer, if you disregarded it, apple will not refund your money. They have included this policy in their terms and agreements which you had to accept in order to download anything from the itunes store. If you really want to pursue a refund, you can access your complete download history via your itunes account. I'm not sure if they still have this policy, but they used to allow you one purchase refund for pretty much any reason...maybe you'll get $.99 back? For future reference, search any issue on the apple website or google before you do anything.

    I would highly recommend getting a back up/external hard drive, they really aren't that expensive.

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  • As
      Jul 30, 2011
    iTunes - Wiped out apps and songs
    England, Nottinghamshire
    United Kingdom

    My iPod was being updated, it said I was copying the files from one computer to another, but the iPod had always been registered with the same computed. It deleted all of my songs, a lot of apps and it actually put on some songs i'd never heard before in my life onto my iPod, whats all that about?

    Is their anything I can do about this, I am furious as I have purchased items on that iPod that have now been relocated/destroyed.

    What I also don't understand is that what ever the process was it took up a lot of memory on my Ipod, now strangly it deleted all of my songs and some apps but I noticed that the space taken up by the apps had increased as did the audio. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY IPOD????

    The proof indefinately shows the 4 songs placed onto my iPod in addition regarding the apps you can see that apps are missing as thier are blank spaces then when you slide across to the next set of apps that page is full.
    Attached are proof of 4 songs that were put onto my iPod that i've never heard of before, and the apps that are missing!

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  •   Sep 02, 2011

    Oh, boo hoo you have to do three extra seconds of computer work. Get Over It

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  •   Sep 02, 2011

    It has happened to me when I ever I get a new computer. The only things you can do is download software swimming with viruses or press transfer purchases and manually entering your CD collection. NEVER PRESS ERASE AND SYNC. The smart thing to do after you regsain your media files is to back up your itunes with blank discs.

    To sonyvega, Itunes has the worst website so it is imposible to contact them.

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  • Eb
      Dec 27, 2011
    iTunes - Renting films
    United Kingdom

    I am soo disapointed and have no idea as to what to do.

    I rented a film 'Bad teacher' and as soon as the film got to 49mins and 18sec the film stopped.
    If i rewound the film it would get stuck at the same place again, if i tryed to jump beyond 49min and 18sec it would not let me and it would get back to the same stopping point.

    So i thought to my self that i would shut it down and open it back up again... there was no rent section.
    The film i had just paid for has just gone and i have only just purchased it and started to watch it.

    I was enjoting it, i don't want to have to pay for a film that itunes deleted and didn't let me watch it.
    How is that my fault??

    I feel quite cheeted by this, not a good end to Christmas.
    Please please PLEASE help me and get in contact.

    I feel Cheeted. That is not a good customer experience.

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  • Pi
      Apr 25, 2012
    iTunes - issue unresolved
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    I have just returned, yet again, from an Apple store. I have been in touch with itunes regarding music that I purchased but cannot sync as it went into another account I hold. It takes my money and does not deliver the goodS. 26 emails have gone back and forth to itunes with no result. I asked for a credit so I can re download, but itunes say this is not possible.FURIOUS! ANGRY! FRUSTRATED! If itunes had a complaints dept, but no, your forwarded to a suugestion link! REALLY, REALLY P****** OFF!

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