iTunesitunes update

L Nov 24, 2017

I received an iTunes update that started automatically on Thanksgiving Day. This update locked up my phone and caused it to glitch. I had to factory restart it and lost everything. I am still working on repairing this result and will continue to do so for may weeks to come. I do not have access t my phone yet do to this. My Mother-In-Law passed away on Thanksgiving morning at 5:00 am. I have not had access to my phone up to this time 10:32 pm central time on 11/24. This is the most frustrating program I have yet to work with. I do not appreciate shoddy updates that glitch my phone and my computer with a forced and complete loss of data. As a reputable company, I would have to trust that you are compensating your customers I some way with the result of this poor glitching update. If you need to verify that I truly did lose a loved one on 11/23/17 you may get that information by looking up my last name and recent deaths. My information is : Lisa Dintelman Kronenwetter, WI 54455. I can be reached at [protected] or by phone (that is currently not mine, since it is not yet working) [protected].

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