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Little over a month ago while reviewing my account history on iTunes I noted charges for purchases I did not make, the amount was a little over USD$10. I went on line through the apple help function to apple service and support and filed my concern. After which apple disabled my account, blocked my credit card, credited my bank the amount of USD$28 and then informed me what to provide to re-enable my account. I quckly changed my account passoword wrote back with the correct over charge as well as provided the information needed to re-instate my account. This process took 7 days to resolve, however they still have a block on my credit card number. The card in question has since expired and I have received the replacement card, with a new CCV number and expiration date. I have attemped to re-enter this card number as it drawing directly from my bank (ie no interest charges), Apple still has this card blocked. I have wrote Apple several time as you can not call account management. The response has been the same. Use a different card, it is not apples fault. The answer all appear to nbe pat answers from a contract srevice that only cares about response ratios vs. actually helping an apple customer.

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      Feb 05, 2011

    This may not actually be Apple's fault with the new card. I had my credit card stolen a while back and had to replace it with a new card for iTunes. I tried multiple times and each time it was rejected. After researching, I found out it ws not Apple, it was the debit card itself. Turns out my bank does not allow for certain types of online transactions, one of them being music sites like iTunes. I would double check with your bank to see if they have the same policy.

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