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Password: angelagobin7312AG

I have played Lords Mobilr a year or so. I have purchased many packs and have been ripped off with each pack.

They put what you are supposed to get in their mall- and I have not had one single pack that gave what I paid for.

They do not give the drop rates of packs. Which is against iTunes policy. Furthermore, they promise items that never come. Like each pack gives a Legendary item. No Legendary item ever appears.

I have been ripped off with thousands and thousands of pounds. I am ex army officer, disabled war veteran. Classed as a vulnerable adult and disabled.

I'd like all my money back for every pack that did not give the Legendary item. Or legendary hero that was promised and Is what I paid for.

Also, they give an unfair advantage to chinese. Chinese players get free packs and pay a pittance of what other countries pay. The game is biased so that Chinese win.

I'd like all my money refunded and suggest that iTunes look into such a company ripping off people and trading in contrary to the rules laid out in iTunes.

Apr 16, 2018

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