It's Just Lunch Singapore / It's Just lunch (IJL) Singapore - A PROFESSIONAL SCAM in SINGAPORE. DO NOT join this service.

Singapore Review updated:

I recently closed my case with ‘It’s just lunch’ Singapore (IJL) at the Singapore Subordinate Court. So I just want to share my experience with anyone who might have the intention to join this service; this is my warning to you: DO NOT TRUST THEM AND AVOID THEM IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE TROUBLE AND A NIGHTMARE DATING EXPERIENCE - see my case below.

I joined IJL in Nov 2012, paid the full amount of $2, 568 for a one year contract with 14 dates. Actually I did not really want to join this service after my face to face meeting with one of their consultants due to so many complaints I found on the internet, however she kept calling to hunt and recruit me. When I raised my concerns regarding my doubts she gave me such confidence and assured me that their database had more than enough suitable matches for my requirements. Moreover she confirmed firmly all of the men on their database were serious about relationships and nice gentlemen. If they are just looking for fun or not qualified they will not take them in as a member and they do verify their profile if they are found out to be lying! She insisted to offer me help and promised to find a match for my specific requirements. I was convinced by her sweet words and after meeting her at least after 2 times in person. She just knew how to play on a woman’s psychology so well, her face just looked so sympathetic, trustworthy and she seemed to be a professional match marker. But that trust lead me to the most foolish mistake that I ever made and from there my nightmare dating started.

I went through two dates that were arranged by them and both turned out to be ridiculous, lousy and ‘waste of time’ dates! The first man came late without informing me; disappointedly he had nothing in common with me. Likely IJL just picked up any random man who was available to date with me! There was no follow up calls from IJL after my date at all. I had to call them and left my name but they did not bother to call me back. This means they just hunt you when you are not yet a member but when you are a paid member they do not care for you because you are just totally in their entrapment!

My second date was a nightmare date. The man did not turn up until I called him. He said he was on bed and not informed of the date with me from IJL that particular day. He turned up 45 minutes late in a scruffy T-shirt. He then told me he is just looking for fun! He was not interested with the service any more but he was rejected for a refund from IJL. He did request that they do not arrange anymore dates for him but the staff of IJL still kept calling to insist that he turn up for some random dates! I am sure if you were in my shoes at that time and heard those words, you would understand how bad I felt. I had to pay a big amount for this service only to be arranged to meet a man looking for fun! It also strongly proves that this company is really unprofessional and unreliable. They do not consider the clients requests. They did not take note of my feedback from my first date, to please arrange a proper 2nd date for me. The fact is they do not have enough suitable men for all their female members, so they just try their best to find any man to show up for a date to fill in the numbers for the contract regardless of matches. Their consultants know nothing about match making, they don’t have enough experience about matching and they are just working like sales persons trying to trap as many clients as they can and earn their commission.

It took sometime to bring my case to the Small Claim Tribunal which was found inconclusive, after that I was determined to bring them to the Singapore Subordinate Court. At the court, I called them a professional scam, and when they tried to defend themselves; they said “the behavior of male members is out of their control”. Meaning if a man comes late or does not show up, or is looking for fun or bad behavior they can’t control it! That also means that we are as paid members to have to carry this risk with their service. If you are lucky enough to meet nice guy or you are in bad luck, you may have a bad date like a man that never shows up or late or misbehaves! These risks are not their fault their problem and not their obligation as a professional match making agent. This is adsolutey not an acceptable answer!

Only when I asked in front of the Judge “ so why at the consulting meeting, did the consultant not tell me the truth that I have to take risks when I joined the service and be frank with me by telling me that my date might be late or not turn up or might be looking for fun! Instead she just convinced me that all her clients were nice gentlemen, serious and qualified! They shut up after this comment and the Judge allowed me to claim back a portion of my original investment.

I did a bit of digging around on the net and found many women - just like myself (in Singapore, Thailand, and USA) - who had been ripped off by IJL. I was one of the lucky ones as I got part of my money back, but many more didn't and the company is still operating to this day. There will be a big outcry about this company before long and I want to warn everyone not to get involved with them because if you do, you stand to lose a lot of money only to get back trouble and grief. I knew some other woman like me where the date did not turn and no calls from IJL for a few months, or even they arranged non suitable men for dates. So to all ladies who are thinking of joining this company, I honestly tell u don’t waste your hard earned money and your time in this scam. You can use that money for travel or donate it to charity, which is better than supporting this kind of nasty service existing.
Finally, As an ex paid member of IJL in Singapore, and on behalf of all members who were victims of this nasty service I would like to “ thank” the owner who established this lousy service. She did a very good job in creating a very professional scam dating agency! Spend some of your time and search how many complaints are pertaining to your company online!

Mar 04, 2013
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  • Ij
      Mar 05, 2013

    Ms Lena NGO Thi Len - Your matter has been resolved amicably at the Courts where you have received your portion of what the Judge felt you deserved. It was an amount that was much LOWER than what you had expected as the Judge reasoned that our company has done our part in discharging our duties. We have already let the matter rest and are moving forward with our thousands of other clients that we have continued to serve for the last 9 years. It is unfortunate that we have to part ways with you but it is the best solution for the both of us. We wish you well and we hope that someone really sees the real person that you are and appreciate you for it. We are taking the liberty to name you as you are no longer our client who's identity we have to protect. We are happy to bring this post down if you bring down yours.
    Management of It's Just Lunch Asia

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  • Di
      Apr 23, 2014

    Wow! It's Just Lunch Asia releases names and doesn't protect the privacy of their clients. Shocked!

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  • Sk
      Jul 15, 2015

    I agree, they should not release the full name.

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