It's Just Lunch / Horrible Service

Washington DC, United States

This is a terrible service, and DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!
My experience with IJL has been unconscionably poor!!

Sarah, the Matchmaker, told many things that would occur once I joined--highly personalized and attentive service, blah, blah, blah.

She told me I would hear the next day about my new date. Of course, this never happened. I had multiple questions, attempted to call multiple times--calling Stephanie the coordinator, and Sarah, and did not hear from them until 4 calendar days later. The date was set up via an exchange of voicemails--no human to human communication occurred.

The coordinator was stupid enough to set up a date in DC, when both of us lived in Maryland--it never once occurred to her to ask, and set something up that was convenient.

Ok, so the first date happens. Its fine. He's a total bore. I had already scheduled my Meet and Greet for a few days later. I have questions post the date, because they misrepresented me to him, and misrepresented him to me. They got both of our information wrong--and I wanted to know what they had told him about me. Of course, I go through the exercise of calling--no humans ever, left multiple voicemails to the coordinator Stephanie, to the Matchmaker Sarah, no response.

Come to the Meet and Greet. Done by Krista, the President. A worthless session, where she asked meaningless and irrelevant questions, did not seem to understand my answers, never created any rapport with me, and the session appeared to be very rushed.

Two days after this Meet and Greet, I called Patty, the COO, requesting to cancel my service and get my $$ refunded. I spoke to her directly on the phone, told her that I had been a member for LESS THAN ONE FULL WEEK, and wanted out of the program. She said she would talk to Krista, and call me back the next day.

Next day, no response. In fact, nothing for one full week. I then received a generic note in the mail from Patty stating that she had put my membership on "hold" indefinitely, and never responded to my request for cancellation.

I then immediately left messages for Patty and Krista. Krista sent me a letter stating that "the contract says its not-refundable"!!!
I thought the service was atrocious, anything but attentive and personal, and was completely disgusted with the product these people had sold me.

It seemed reasonable to me that any company with a modicum of service ethic would refund my $$. I have nothing nice to say about them. Why would they want to keep me as a member? They don't!!! ALL THEY WANT IS TO STEAL MY MONEY!!

This organization is a scam and the DC office has terrible, not helpful, inattentive, unprofessional people in it.


May 16, 2015

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