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After the sales woman from called a half of dozen times and told me there was no cost to try the service for 30 days, I finally said yes. However, I decided to cancel the order after I read through the confirmation email. It state that it would take 15 days to switch the phone so I changed my mind. I called back right away and they told me to call back second day. I did. However, the Cancellation Department tried to talk me out it. Since I didn't have the time to insist, I hung up the phone. The second time I called, the woman from Cancellation Department talked straight for 40 minutes, still refused to do what I asked for-cancellation even I asked for no few than 10 times. I told her-this is my last word-CANCEL it! I had to hung up for a long distance call. I never received the cancellation email so I called the third time. They claimed the Department was busy (I wonder why!). The fourth time I called, I told the woman-I don't want to hear anything so just cancel it. Finally she did and sent me the return address for equipment. Days later, I received the equipment box (I wouldn't if they canceled when I asked them to). When I called for the return label. They insisted that customers are responsible for the shipping cost even they never open the box. I started to understand why they refused to cancel my order-they knew people might change their minds if they had to pay shipping to send the box back. It was such a misleading group of people with bad business practice. They threatened me to charge me each month for the box or use other channel. I called my credit card company to close the account. Surprisingly, they were willing to reimburse my cost for shipping since I am a cardholder since 1996. I would never try this company again. In fact, you should stay away from it because is not worthy the headaches!

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  • Gr
      Apr 18, 2012

    You will get one new number when you get the device and you old home number. Once you decide you want to switch. They will change the device number to your home number. It is easy. It takes less time than what they told you. We have changed to ItalkBB for ever since they have the service, and we love it still. I agree that the service people are not as good as other phone company. But for the price I paid for international and domestic calls, it is great deal. No one can beat the price. Be patient with the custom service people. You only deal with them once, and will benefit long time.

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  • Fo
      Jan 18, 2013

    I have been using their service for six years and put up with the problems due to the low price back then. I have never had the pleasure to deal with their customer service department like OP did, my main complaints are technical: 1) Their systems cannot even generate tones correctly, so when you need to navigate through menus when calling various 800 numbers or connecting to a conference bridge on days when I work from home, it often fails; 2) When I initially signed up it took multiple calls over several days to get the device working behind a router, I actually deal with networking for a living so that tells you something; 3) Even though you can call an access number when calling international numbers from mobile phones, I have encountered numerous occasions in which the system was down in the middle of the day for software upgrades. Now I'm switching to a competitor and iTalkBB is blocking the number transfer. Talk about shady business practices!

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  • Cc
      Oct 11, 2014

    Paying for high speed internet, but I got most of the time only 7 Mbps and also NO connection at all frequently. Don't even talk about video streaming, even loading a web page is difficult and may take me to reload two to three time to get it done. These were done NOT in peak hours. There customer service and technical department cannot do anything at all.

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  • Sh
      Apr 23, 2015

    I had called up their 1800 number to try and cancel my service. The woman talking on the other end was polite up to the point when I said I was calling to cancel my service. She turned really rude, start yelling, saying how the connection wasn't well and she couldn't hear me. Basically all kinds of excuses to give me a hard time. After a while, she reluctantly said she will help me cancel after I gave her all my information and said she will transfer the number to another department. The guy in the other department, once he found out I was calling to cancel, promptly hung up on me.

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  • Cc
      Apr 23, 2015

    I use their FTTN high speed internet which suppose will be very stable since it won't share with any other user. For the first try month, it runs ok; and any comment I made, they response quick.

    After the 30 days trial and I automatically locked in for 18 months contract, my internet speed start fluctuating, Some time it is so slow that I cannot even open my browser. But after 30 days, my complaint email never get response. The modem I rent from them frequently lost the WiFi. Now I have to buy a WiFi router to attach to their modem in order to get a stable WiFi.

    For sure, after the contract, I will switch to other providers.

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  • Ch
      May 06, 2016

    As with other people here, I am attempting to cancel my service with iTalkBB and the woman at support told me it would cost $99.00 to cancel my phone service with them because i was still under contract for one more year. Then she asked me if I still wished to cancel my service and I said, Yes! Then she told me that iTalkBB would have to make me pay for the discounts that they originally offered me and that would be another $90.00. Then she asked me if I still wished to cancel my service and I again said, Yes! At this point she started to get angry and when I was unable to provide her with the number on the telephone adapter she hung up on me. Day 2 - third call to cancel my iTalkBB server - talked to someone more polite, again $99.00 charge since I was still under contract, $90.00 to reimburse for the original discounts offered to me, now I need to mail the adapter back to them within 15 days or they will charge me $60.00 for the unit. The woman suggested she canceled my account, gave me a cancellation number and said she would send me an email where to return the adapter, but I still have not received her email and only have 15 days to return the adapter or get charged. I have heard on other sites that iTalkBB will refuse to accept your phone adapter when returned just so they can keep billing you for your monthly service and make you pay the cost of the adapter. This company sucks so bad!

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