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1.They charge you however they want since they have your credit card.
2. You don't know your plan changed because they never notify anything.
3. They never refund you on their mistakes, if it's your mistakes, they charge you more.
4. You need to pay $400 after canceling the service 1) a late fee $59.99 for not returning in 15 days after cancellation 2) $300 for not receiving the device even you sent the package to them.
5. They make up thousands of lies for not receiving the device in order to charge you $300.

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  • Ss
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    Same experience, stay away from them

  • Zh
      10th of Jun, 2011
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    Same experience! Stay away from them.
    When I cancel I send them device, it got returned to me. I contacted them to confirm address in 08/2010, send 2 more times got return, finally sent again sometimes in 12/2010, this time not returned, but now they called me after 10 months since 08/2010(last time they contacted). and wanted to charge me for the device. What the hell? If they said so earlier, I might be able to track it down or something, but after 6 months who on earth will keep track of something unless thing you mail?

  • Co
      20th of Jun, 2011
    -1 Votes

    This fucxxxxxxxxing iTalkBB is the biggest scam we have ever met! I never contacted them, I do not know where they found phone number, they kept calling my home phone (which is on the National Do-Not-Call Registry) after 9 or 10 PM! Even we told them we do not have any interest on their plan, they just never stop calling us, at night time! It is a huge harassment! How can we stop their behavior?

  • Gg
      22nd of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    After the sales woman from called a half of dozen times and told me there was no cost to try the service for 30 days, I finally said yes. However, I decided to cancel the order after I read through the confirmation email. It state that it would take 15 days to switch the phone so I changed my mind. I called back right away and they told me to call back second day. I did. However, the Cancellation Department tried to talk me out it. Since I didn't have the time to insist, I hung up the phone. The second time I called, the woman from Cancellation Department talked straight for 40 minutes, still refused to do what I asked for-cancellation even I asked for no few than 10 times. I told her-this is my last word-CANCEL it! I had to hung up for a long distance call. I never received the cancellation email so I called the third time. They claimed the Department was busy (I wonder why!). The fourth time I called, I told the woman-I don't want to hear anything so just cancel it. Finally she did and sent me the return address for equipment. Days later, I received the equipment box (I wouldn't if they canceled when I asked them to). When I called for the return label. They insisted that customers are responsible for the shipping cost even they never open the box. I started to understand why they refused to cancel my order-they knew people might change their minds if they had to pay shipping to send the box back. It was such a misleading group of people with bad business practice. They threatened me to charge me each month for the box or use other channel. I called my credit card company to close the account. Surprisingly, they were willing to reimburse my cost for shipping since I am a cardholder since 1996. I would never try this company again. In fact, you should stay away from it!

  • Jo
      15th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    I would totaly agree. Stay away from ITALKBB. Their one of these scam companies who offer what seems like a nice service but will in the end cost you far more money then spending the money on a land line. Complete and utter rip off of a company which there should be laws against taking advantage of people they way they do.

  • He
      29th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    SCAM company. STAY AWAY. First I have to mention that this is an internet based service provider. So please do not compare their rate with your regular phone services. Voice over ip phones/plans are really cheap to start with anyways. So it actually really isn't that big of a deal you are getting.But
    the most important thing is that this is a SCAM company. My parents
    opened an account with them recently, after approached by their sales of
    how great their plans are and how cheap these plans are. Immediately
    after my parents told me that they did this, I went online and searched
    for this company. Unfortunately, the majority reviews I saw are
    complaints. So I called iTalkBB the next day and asked to cancel our plan.CS Rep:Told
    me straight out that their system was down and asked me call back in
    1.5 hrs. I refused and demanded to cancel my plan immediately as I have
    read in other reviews that this is a delay strategy they play with
    customers. Miraculously, their system "worked" immediately right after I
    told him that. Either the CS Rep had some magical power to restore
    their system within 10-20 secs or they were just lying to me. He took over 10 mins
    to "verify" my account information, only at the end to say that he
    needed to transfer me to the Cancellation Dept.. I told him I wanted to
    cancel at the start of the conversation. He could have transferred me at
    that point instead of wasting ("delay") time by asking a whole bunch of
    questions.Transfer:Waited for a few mins and was told by the first CS Rep that the Cancellation Dept. "was
    not available" and that someone will call me back. Again, another delay
    tactic. I was unhappy and demanded him to get someone who can cancel my
    plan immediately. Again, somehow he was able to get the Cancellation
    Dept. "available" right after this. So is the dept available or not? Or is this just another one of their tricks to delay the cancellation.Cancellation Rep:He tried to talk me into not cancelling my plan but of course I refused. Again, used about 10 mins
    to "verify" my information. The account name is a business name but my
    mom used her personal credit card for payment. Here is the weird part. Rep - Can you verify your account name? Me - XXXXXXXXXX Rep - What is the name on the credit card that was provided to open the account? Me - XXXXXX Rep - How come the two names are different? Me - My mom used a personal card so name on her card is not the same as company (account) name? Rep - That's fine. Can you then repeat the full name on her personal card so I can update our record?I
    am cancelling my account anyways. Why do you need to update your record
    of a payment related information? It seems so fishy because it can get
    cause me suspect that they want to put unauthorized charges on the card
    after our plan was cancelled.Finally after almost an hour on the phone with iTalkBB,
    the Cancellation Rep cancelled our plan. But here is the catch. He
    asked that we pay to ship the devices back to their headquarter even
    though they didn't ship them to me. I walked into an actual iTalkBB
    store next to my house and purchased everything. I had to argue with
    the Rep on why I should be able to just return everything (brand new uninstalled)
    back to their store. Their explanation to me is that the store is
    independent from their headquarter. Well, but somehow your store had no
    problem charging us when my parents signed up. Even though after an
    hour of my time being wasted, they finally cancelled my plan and allowed
    me to return everything back to the store.And the last SCAM act
    is right before they ended the phone call, the Rep informed me that I
    need to return everything back to the store within 15 days otherwise I
    would be charged over $100 for everything as a "penalty" for not getting
    it back to them within the time period. This is such a SCAM act. They
    advertised for a free 30 days trial. To me, that means if I were to
    cancel my plan on the 29th day, I should be able to do so. But NO! If
    you decide to cancel on the 16th day, you are out of luck. Please report
    them to your local BBB and inform all your friends and families of
    their unthical business practices.

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