italk Telecomrip off

Back in November 2014 my 76 year old mother was cold called by italk telecom, claiming to offer cheaper calls than bt, they tricked her into a verbal contract for two years, after I did a bit of research on this company and discovering the absolutely dreadful complaints about them I advised her to cancel with them immediately and go back to bt(who are far better!), when she tried to cancel, the sales people turned nasty, trying to bully her, since then she has been continuously harassed sometimes several calls a day from italk, demanding money and threatening legal action.
These people are ###, they prey on vulnerable people, the sales staff are callous, rude, evasive, and blatant liars, they try to talk over the top of you, and if they cant they just hang up on you!!!, there methods are questionable, clearly a dishonest company, their American affiliates have been investigated for obtaining business by deception, do not allow these scammers to get away with it, we are currently having them investigated by bt,

Jan 23, 2015

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