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I have ordered several things from and when I wanted to pay for my order they said that they were not able to take my money and that payment wouldn't go through.
But when I checked my bank statement it clearly showed that my card was charge and that was the total amount of my entire order.
I also contacted my bank and they confirmed that iOffer did charge me.
I contacted iOffer and they kept telling me that they did not have my money!
Scammers!! They robbed me and pretended they did nothing!

Jun 17, 2016
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  •   Jun 22, 2016

    You do not understand how your card works. Every time your card is swiped (entered electronically) it will show on your account. Debits, even declined ones, will always show on your account as an attempt. It will show a pending transaction until the merchant submits the charge for payment. After a few days, the pending charges will fall off. If your bank did not explain this to you, then you got an inexperienced bank employee. What you should do is ask why the purchase was declined.

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  • Ma
      Feb 15, 2017

    i got robbed from them by thousents of dollars and idint know that they are taking money out of my account
    around 4000 dollars bloddi dogs scamers and very bad website

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  • Ma
      Feb 15, 2017

    i think they should stop them from selling

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