Inventeldashcam pro

Ordered item on feb 3, 2016, received it on feb 12, 2016 by mail. Noticed immediately it was broken! When you put the card in the slot to make it work, it did not click in to the space, so the cam won't work! I started calling on feb 15, 2016, 3 days after I received it. I am still calling!!! I have called 13 times, most of the time I was told they would send out a return sticker. I do not have a working printer (This I told them many times so do not send it to my email). But they said they sent it to my email (Was not in my email after checking day after day).See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rockaway, NJ They kept telling me they mailed the return label to my home, still waiting!!! The time to get my $52.93 back has passed by over 2 months.
I have spoken to so many people at inventel it is ridiculous. I spoke to glenda was the 1st person, remi, ash 3 times, c. G. A supervisor, she did nothing also. I wrote letter on line, was told management was contacted. Called on 4/5/16 the person hung up on me, he didn't want to here me. On 4/8/16 called manual on line, he said he was going to send the label by mail, still waiting. I wrote another letter on line and called again. Still waiting for a simple return label to be mailed to my home!!!

May 01, 2016

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