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Des Moines, IA, United States
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I recently inquired about a interlock device, through Intoxalock. I had a hand held device put into my car on April 17, 2018. I had the device for two days, when it threw a code for, failure pump. Which it left me stranded, and I could not start my car. I contacted Intoxalock, in regards to the situation. Only to be told that I needed to pay to have my car towed 30 miles back to the device center. To have them switch out devices. Due to the emergency of my car's location, not being able to start, and me not having the money to pay for towing. I had to jump start my car. Which sent the device into a frenzy, and caused, what they call a lockout. When arriving to the service center. I was told nothing was wrong with the device and they felt, it didn't need to be replaced. Later that evening, leaving my son's open house at school. The device threw the same code for failured pump. After trying it again, it started the car. The next day after work. I was getting ready to leave and the device, again threw the same code. Only this time it left me stranded. After being on the phone with Intoxalock for nearly an hr. which 40 minuets of it, was being on hold. I had no choice but to jumpstart the car again. This time I after finally getting a hold of a representative. I informed them, I want this device removed from my car. Only to be told, that I would have to pay to have it removed, and it could not be done, until the following day. While in the meantime, my car will not start. Also to be told, that I have to pay Intoxalock over $300 for an early termination fee. Which I could get zero resolve from any representative. Nor could I get a supervisor or manager to call me back. That finally after making several attempts to call. A supervisor took my call. Only to refuse to hear anything I had to say, and hung up on me. Still I have not been able to resolve this issue, and I continue to get threatening emails that I need to pay the balance, that I supposedly owe. For an early lease termination, which I never signed a lease to begin with.


Apr 25, 2018

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