Intoxalock / i'm complaining about intoxalock interlock

Northglenn, CO, United States
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I've been a intoxalock customer by force for 1 but for the last year a 6 months never had to pay a service charge ever go today and learn on top of paying 187.00 every months I have to pay 15.00 service charge on top of that so not only have I not had a dui in 12 years I haven't drank in 6 years but I have to have a ignition lock for 2 years while I've been dui free for 13 years now and almost 7 years without drinking at all so I'm basically paying to look stupid !!! I'm beyond sick of the tyranny and embezzlement these companies embark. Its beyond unfair !!! No one has to answer to anything they can do whatever they please its a total scam !!!

Sep 07, 2018

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