InTown Suites / maintenance man

Edmond, OK, United States

I am a single mom and stayed at the intown suites in Edmond Oklahoma from the Saturday before last to this last Saturday I had to switch to another hotel cause I was so terrified to be there any longer the maintenance man there the first incident was he screamed at me from across the parking lot told me to shut my [censored]ing door didn't explain why but I did it and then the second incident was very late at night and I barely had my door open and he came in my room dressed in all black and said what did I tell u about the door and I freaked out cause I was raped this year and even if I hadn't been he still should have never entered my room and shuts the door behind him while still in my room I had to get up and basically force him out. I had to switch hotels even though I couldn't afford it but I was deathly afraid and I have three daughters that come back and forth between me and my ex husbands house I'm highly upset and has made my ptsd worse I want something done about this ASAP so it doesn't happen to another woman and I want my money back it was the week from hell its the least that can be done. Thank you please get back to me ASAP my name is Kathryn Haskins my number is [protected].

Oct 15, 2018

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