Intex Above Ground Pool / top liner ring of pool cracking and falling apart

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We purchased an above ground pool in July of 2014. Last year was not the hottest year and we used the pool maybe one time. We decided of course to use the cover that came with the pool in order to keep it clean. When we removed the cover one of times we used the pool we noticed that there a bunch of pin hole leaks (what looked like were from cracking) and the ring was covered in a residue from the cover being on. This cover was never left on for weeks or long periods of time - but in the short amount of time it was on, it ruined our ring on top. Keeping in mind we live in Castro Valley, CA which it does not reach very cold temperatures here either. At this moment I decided to toss the horrible cover that came with THEIR pool and went out and purchased one of my own which simply just laid across the water - I didn't want to place anything else on the ring to make it worse. After looking over the ring and seeing what damage their pool cover created we noticed that it was covered with residue that was cracking and causing holes all over the place. This ring allows the pool to remain up and the water to avoid flowing over the top. There was a substance left behind all over and the material itself became very brittle. We began to notice this substance hardening and cracking at times. Now here we are in June of 2015 and have used the pool maybe less than a dozen times as it took some time to warm up this year. However in the last year we have spent hours and hours purchasing and using the useless silver dollar size "patches" the company provided us to cover up all the dozens of holes and cracks and tears in the ring. Please keep in mind when I say patch them I mean place the patch on as instructed, let dry, and then go to work - only to come home to see the entire ring had deflated because the "patches" do not work - as well as the fact that there is so much of the "pool cover" substance on our ring, it is impossible to allow anything to properly stick. We contacted Walmart (which is where we purchased the pool from, and have received no support) as well we submitted e mail after e mail to the "support team" at Intex. Their response was to inform we were past our 90 day warranty, which I have a hard time understanding why a product such as a pool would have such a short warranty, but now I get it. They also informed us that they could send us more patches and a sponge to help rub off the substance. We of course not happy, but not having much of a choice said okay. We are now sitting on pins and needles hoping our entire backyard doesn't flood. We have now seen about 6 small tears and one large rip/hole the size of the palm of my hand. Because of that hole the ring is also now full of water. I had to spend about two hours trying to cover these holes, with every material I could think of in order to save the water and avoid flooding my backyard, while my daughter stood inside of the pool holding it up to try and dry it. We have failed in the matter that we cannot locate every single hole and the ring continues to deflate as well the fact that we now have NO WAY of removing the water INSIDE the ring, and due to that we cannot blow up the ring even if we wanted to. I have tried to explain this all to Intex again and expressing my concern as this pool is less than ONE YEAR old and even informed that I would accept the fact they don't need to give me a new pump, ladder, or anything else - JUST THE POOL LINER PLEASE! - They informed me today that there is nothing they can do and due to being out of warranty we were not going to be receiving a new pool. At this time I have now copied this info. to the better business bureau as well as will be contacting my lawyer to see if I have any options. I really just am at the point of wanting to help anyone else I can avoid purchasing anything from this company. Especially since their website quotes things like..." At Intex Recreation corp. our goal is to provide consumers with fun at the best value possible by combining outstanding quality, industry leading after sale service, and low prices. " as well as things like ..."With superior quality designed into every Intex product, you are unlikely to ever need our outstanding Customer Service department. But, if you do, it's the best in the industry, and help is just a phone call away at [protected]. We will always be happy to answer your questions regarding product set up, or to supply you with a replacement for that lost or damaged part." and also things like ..." Our objective is to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price, all designed for comfort, safety and fun. We’re proud to bring you outstanding merchandise with impeccable customer service." Sounds to me like a bunch of CRAP if you ask me. I am very disappointed as I have three small grandchildren and another on the way and it lights up my face to see them enjoy the summer at my home - and now I have to tell them sorry, we can't use our pool.

Intex Above Ground Pool
Intex Above Ground Pool
Intex Above Ground Pool
Intex Above Ground Pool
Intex Above Ground Pool

Jun 18, 2015
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      5th of Sep, 2017

    I have had the very same problems with my pool and never even used the cover. The quality of the top blow up ring especially is crap! I use my pool to exercise in as well as relax in and the stress caused by all of the issues has trashed any thoughts of relaxation. Not to mention that the pump broke and cost me over $350 to replace. I will never buy a pool with a blow up top again, it just isn't worth the hassles and headaches! Best of luck to you.

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