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Interval International / / that scam of 59 days in advance to request a place. no resort in the world will have a room if you request it 59 days in advance

1 RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, United States Review updated:

o Whom It May Concern

I am a Marriott owner in the Grand Vista Resort in Florida. I have been with Interval since 2005 I believe. I am very unhappy with the service Interval Provides.

I seem to NEVER get the resorts that I request. Unfortunately over the past 5 years, my husband has had many surgeries and we were unable to travel. In between surgeries, we were able to go to St. Martin 2 years ago. Many many times I requested places and they never ever came through.

Last week I used my home resort at the Marriott Grand Vista in Orlando. I requested the Marriott Grand Chateau in Vegas for July 21 to 28, however I just fell and torn my meniscus and patella. Everything is MONEY with your company. I dont normally take the insurance because I always go on the vacations when the seem to go through! I called today to ask for a replacement because I cannot go in July 21, I have to have the surgery.

They were kind enough to extend my week however, this whole thing with 59 days in advance is nothing but a scam. No resort anyway in the world will be available 59 days from submit. For example, since I can drive in a few weeks, I asked if I can have the resort in Wildwood NJ... Now he tried and its booked. Now think about airfare. You get a good rate you cannot book plane fair 59 days in advance. I have booked Florida 7 months in advance, I have booked Aruba 9 months in advance. the earlier you book airfare the cheaper it is.. SO now if I only can request a resort 59 days in advance with NO GUARANTEE that I will get it, how do you expect people to get airfare?

I feel this whole 59 days is unfair and nothing but a way for the consumer to loose the week. I have 2 weeks for my 2017 due to expire 3/2019. Again do to health reasons I didn't deposit early cause I didn't know if we could go anywhere? So now cause I deposited it late, you are now say that I cannot request anything until 59 days before the check in date. So now I have 2 weeks I cannot request, which I know every place in the world will be booked, and now this replacement week, same thing.

Chances are that these three weeks I will loose. I pay over $ 1400 in Marriott ownership fees, Marriott dues, Interval dues. that is a lot of money and most of the time I cannot even use the weeks for all different reasons. The most stupid reason and a Hugh rip off is this 59 days in advance. You give me a list of places that will take me 59 days in advance and get me cheaper Airfare and I will go to them.

I once waited 2 years for St. Lucia, and didn't get it. If it is that hard to get, take the place out of our book... you are wasting money and time for us to get another area! I have a request for St. Lucia again, lets so how many years I have to wait.

I have sent this complaint to Marriott Services because you really need to revamp this whole 59 day rip off policy. I am thinking of selling the timeshare due to this waste of money...

I do not feel it is fair that I can only request 59 days in advance for my 2017 2 weeks, nor this replacement week. I want what is fair, and I feel this is a very unfair scam.

Please see what you can do to lift this 59 days rip off so that I can today request another place within the year. I can pay the extension for the weeks that expire 3/2019 that will give me 6 more months, but I do not feel it is fair that I can request 59 days because you are setting us all up to fail... Call 10000 resorts 59 days in advance and you tell me how many will have a room.. Maybe Newark NJ !!!

Jul 16, 2018
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  • Wa
      7th of Aug, 2018
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    I hear you cry with the policies of I.I.

    I am a former timeshare executive who has worked with I.I for many years selling timeshares for many companies. I have been trained by I.I. personnel. I have 15 years in the business and have resigned due to innocent consumers like yourself being taken advantage of.

    I wrote a report entitled, 13 Shocking Secrets the Timeshare Industry Does Not Want You To Know. When you read this report, you will understand why you are having so many problems with your timeshare.

    Marriott us a good company. However, your points are attached to a deed which has your unit number, building number, week number and size of unit. Only that will determine where you can go and where you cannot. Points mean NOTHING to the exchange company.

    If you want a copy of this free report, email me and I will send you the link.

    [email protected]

    Best of luck!

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