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Orange, United States
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This is an absolute scam! I went to presentation, mostly for the free trip to vegas. Ended buying a trial membership they offered me for $1000 for 2 years when i declined the full membership. Even this trial without a commitment i feel is now a waste. I will still end up using it, since i paid for the 30, 000 one time points, but after looking through everything, i will have paid more than if i had booked something on my own for a week. Or end up staying in poor quality accommodations. Here are some of the highlights of their offer:

Trip to vegas. After i mailed in the information i received more info. I was given the options of where i can stay. There were two to choose from both were rated 1 1 / 2 stars and when i checked a random mid week (Oh yes, you find out later you have to travel mid week) the rates were like $28 per night. In order to even send in your 3 requested dates you have to mail a $100 deposit. Im pretty sure if i actually did decide to take this trip i would unknowingly do something to compromise the agreement and not get my $100 back. Or have to go to extraordinary effort to get it back. Just a gut feeling. I did ask about going on a weekend and i did ask if it would be a nice hotel. They said yes on weekends and then said, of course a nice hotel, it will be one comparable to all our resorts. I feel he is probably right about that. Most of their resorts are probably rated 1 1 / 2 stars.

$200 restaurant gift card? For that you have to log into website and print coupons for a variety of restaurants. Not a problem, except that you have to use them in small increments. Example, save $20 at xyz restaurant when you spend $60. Annoying

Discounts on travel. I compared their travel site to travelocity, expedia, etc. They were sometimes the same. Usually they were more.

Use your points at any hotel. They apparently eliminated this policy 1 week after i joined. They said because they are offering such great deals on travel, they no longer offer this. Actually they don't offer great discounts on travel and they obviously never had this policy, just one of many lies to sell a membership.

Use your points for disney cruise. From what i could research you can use your points, plus pay a booking fee that is actually the same amount of money you can book the cruise for on your own. So you basically give up your points for letting them make your reservation.

Break up your points to use in mini vacations (2 - 3 days) . So far i haven't been able to figure out how this works (On website) . Everytime i think i'm getting somewhere, it redirects me. Maybe a glitch at the time. Maybe trying to steer me back to the full week? Who knows.

Summary: they told lie after lie after lie to get me to sign up. When i still wouldn't because it sounded ridiculously awesome, they offered me the trial for $1000. The membership was for $7000 i think? I say ridiculously awesome because from what they were saying, who wouldn't do this? I figured for $1000 i could satisfy my curiosity and i'd get a week stay somewhere, which would still be a good deal. Nope, waste of money, waste of time. So sad that these people exist and sadder for people who invest their hard earned money into a membership!!!

Ps. I went to presentation in orange, california

Aug 07, 2014

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