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Hidden charges, no flexibility, terrible

Everything you do with this company is geared for the ease of THEIR processing and for them to make more money. You can't do anything that doesn't add more costs. The more specific your requirements the less likely you are to get anything! I will never use them again!

  • Kh
    khan habib May 27, 2012

    hi i'm habib khan

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  • Su
    Sudre_ Sep 15, 2012

    Need more info to believe your story. What is your resorts Demand number? If it is high then it is no wonder you can't get anything. It is odd how all these complaints are from people who say so little. When I am unhappy about something I go into great detail.

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  • Su
    Sudre_ Sep 15, 2012

    Need much more info than this to be worth reading your complaint. At a minimum what is your resort Demand Index? That says a lot about where and when you can book.

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Resolved Poor customer service

Subsequent to making a reservation with Interval International, I discovered from a review that the property I selected was undergoing renovations, and the noise was a major disturbance to a peaceful vacation. I cancelled our reservation and was told that I forfeited the $159 reservation fee. This was my first experience using the exchange program and I wasn't aware of this policy (I didn't read all the fine print). Since I wasn't informed of the noise problem by Interval, I requested that my reservation fee be applied to another property. My request was denied. Even if I had purchased insurance for $75, it wouldn't have covered refunding my reservation fee.
Interval International has very limited selection of exchange properties (compared to their Getaway program). Many (most?) owners in the Getaway program do not participate in the Exchange Program. It's necessary to get on a waiting list for most desirable properties. If you have a small window, it's likely that you will not get a reservation. In order to use your exchange points before they expire, you may have to settle for a 3rd or 4th choice destination. If you give Interval a list of properties and dates you would like, you must take the first opening they find (or pay a new reservation fee).
I cannot speak for the Getaway Plan, but I would not recommend their Exchange Plan to anyone. Since this organization deals with primarily with the (shrinking) middle class, one would think they would emphasize outstanding customer service and value, since that is all they have to offer.

  • Nb
    nbiener Sep 08, 2012

    Do your research before you book. Again, everyone else is obligated to cover your butt. "I wasn't told", blah, blah, blah. Be responsible for your own stupidity.

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  • Su
    Sudre_ Sep 15, 2012

    Mistakes and learn I guess.
    I didn't know if you had a list of possibles that you HAD to take the first one they find. Thanks for that info.

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Resolved Notification

If your request to use a banked week from Interval International comes through you only have 24 hrs to respond, so if your away from computer for a few days you could end up in our potential delema. We have a request in for 5 different properties in Maui anytime in August or Sept. If it comes through we have to get DECENT AIRFARE not $800 plus a person. I asked customer service for a text message if we get our request, or cell phone call so we could stop whatever we were doing and make the 24hr deadline to cancel if need be, Sorry we can't do that. So now we are put in the position of losing another $139 to interval if we can't get resonable airfare. CAN'T SEND TEXT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!

  • Pa
    Patrick OHara Mar 08, 2012

    We are in the same boat. We banked a 3 bedroom unit, requested a two bedroom and later discovered that they gave us an efficiency unit. We called Interval and they stated that they sent out an email about the exchange. We never received any email from Interval. They later cancelled this exchange. We are still hoping for a two bedroom. We do not trust Interval to send an email and call them at least once a day. We occasionally get helpful and friendly individuals on the phone and occasionally get individuals who are clueless. I have given up hope for this vacation. We are researching renting a place. So much for Interval.

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Resolved Bad customer service and they put you off

This company is a fraud. We joined this time share exchange instead of RCI "Big Mistake". We could not...

Resolved Poor service

I made my reservations in April for an exchange resort (Welk Resorts in san Diego). I hold a two bedroom unit for a week through Marriot. Interval talked me into getting into this downgraded one bedroom in Welk resorts and told me to check with the hotel periodically to see if the two bedroom units will be released. I was told by WElk that the requests can be made only through Interval. Interval kept telling me that there were no units at all for the week and I will have to forgo the studio portion of my units. I attended a preview of WElk and found out that Interval does this one bedroom exchange for two bedroom units in Marriot claiming that Welk is a premier resort. Much to my chagrin I was dumped into a small one bedroom unit the size of a studio for the premier two bedroom that I used to enjoy at Marriot. To add fuel to the fire I also found out that Interval has their HQ in Welk's premises and all along they played that they know nothing about the resort's availabilities and handle only the inventory. As an advise please do not check into Welk thinking this is better to be downgraded to a premier resort - the accommodation SUCKS! The rooms are very awkwardly set up and my kids had to sleep in a pull out couch that had a terrible mattress. The showers are substandard and I ended up taking my family to LA for two nights. This has been a horrible experience.

  • Sh
    Sharon Avelin Mar 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a similiar experience. We were supposedly booked into a platimun resort in Vail CO., Vail Run. It was an awful experience. The Staff was extremely rude, including the Manager, Alan McLean. The incident that blew it all was when my niece had gone to town to get soup for my other niece who was sick in bed with a fever. She called the resort for the resort bus to pick her up, 1 mile away! 35 minutes later it had still not arrived but a town bus picked her up and took her back. No problem, she never mentioned it. The resort bus driver confronted later in the lobby, wanting to know why she called if she wasn't going to wait for him!!! The BUS DRIVER EVEN HAD ATTITUDE!!! When I spoke to the manager he couldn't have been ruder!!! This was our vacation!!! When I called Interval International they told me they have no control over their resorts. And yet they have this resort listed as a PLATIMUM RESORT!!! Are they kidding me!!! A ruined vacation and no one cares!! I cannot believe that we are stuck with such a poorly run organization!!! I am not done! I will not pay for another week until this is resolved!!!

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  • Ch
    chud mcdoogle Sep 06, 2012

    This seems to be your problem, not I.I.. You are obviously a doofus who knows nothing about timeshares and what a great opportunity they hold for the future of travelers all over the globe. I bet you can't even book a 2 1/2 lock-out in a green season without having to buy more points. That's how lame you are. So stop pointing your finger at the people who have provided you the means to travel and live like a king while spending very little. By the way, does anyone want to buy a timeshare?

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Resolved customer service

The telephone customer service for Interval World is terrible, I waited 1/2 hour to speak to someone about login problems, they transferred me to their "Internet" dept., which was a busy signal. I tried again after another 1/2 hr wait and was transferred to the Internet dept again, and this time they hung up on me. I thought the 3rd time would be a charm, and actually spoke to Vladamir in the tech dept, he assured me he wouldn't hang up on me, put me on hold to investigate, then hung up on me. Hard to believe that a company can stay in business with service like this.

Does not answer phone

Was on hold for over 20 minutes then THEY disconnected me . Have now been on for 40+ minutes.

I am calling about hidden charges.

They call them exchanges but by the time charges are paid it would have been cheaper to to book room outright

Buyer beware!

Also they pushed gold membership which we purchased. After purchase they told me of the many many limitation which made the upgrade useless for us. Flushed that money down the toilet.

Resolved Unequal service

Most vacation exchanges start on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We were given a cancellation exchange date deadline of November 17, 2017 which is a Wednesday! No possibility we've been told of making it an ending date of the next weekend. But we could end it earlier on November 13, 14, or 15 which costs us an extra week to fill the week or lose it and our $139 exchange fee. Interval is there to make money, period. There is no understanding as to why a week had to be cancelled from them. Use it, according to their rules, or lose it is their motto. Make it difficult for the member to get equal value is what they stand for. To sum it up, Interval does not care about its members.

  • Ne
    Neil Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Interval international failed to keep their word that they would notify us and provide 24 hours to accept a trade of our time share. We have lost our time share week as of this date. They said it was a computer error but they refused reinstate our week.

    They sold our week to another person.

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  • Je
    Jessica Feb 02, 2009

    Shell Vacations Club is a RIP OFF.

    We need more people to stand up together and get stronger. shell vacation victim please join my communite forum at

    Why would someone pay $400 a night with Shell Vacations Club points when you can stay at the same Hotel for $150 by booking with Expedia or other website. The economy is in real bad shape and we should let current owner NOT TO PURCHASE MORE POINTS AND MAKE SURE OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT GET SCAMMED ON THIS RIP OFF.
    Do not get fooled by FAKE positve comments made by Shell Vacations employees. Read what current pissed owners have to say about.

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  • Lo
    LorenzH May 16, 2011

    I went to your web site but there's nothing there.

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  • Pa
    Patrick OHara Mar 08, 2012

    We have been Interval members for 20+ years and have never experienced any difficulty getting an exchange. Well, until this year. We deposited our Colorado 3 bedroom unit back in October and requested a 2 bedroom unit in Park City, Utah. They attempted to give us an efficiency unit. We are now 16 days from our flight and still do not have an exchange. We call every day and must again explain our situation to the Interval employee. They can't get us an exchange, but do their best in attempting to get us to upgrade our membership. We are very disappointed with Interval and frustrated with the process. I have a feeling that something is going on with Interval. It has all been very frustrating. We will end up renting some dump, while some family enjoys our three bedroom unit in Breckenridge. Not a happy camper. Not at all.

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Pending exchange

We have been a member of interval international for 10+ years and have finally had enough! I have 3 wks per year with marriott that i have banked with interval and have requested one week of vacation at 30+ locales for a one month period approx. Mid december 2010 to mid jan 2011. I agreed to be on a "pending list" in july for the fee of $139. 00. Nothing has opened since then, but we recieve calls from interval every week that ring twice then hang - up. Whenwe call back they try to sell us a new 3 year contract with them for 15% of retail price while mentoining they have no exchange for us. I realize now what the travel savvy have known for years. . . Never invest in a timeshare! The price of the buy - in, maintenence fees, exchange fees, and pending reservation fees, would buy a week per year at the ritz - carlton or equivalent the rest of our lives. Something to ponder before you invest in ii. . . What a rip - off.

Resolved Won't fix their mistakes

As a Marriott time share owner, I must use Interval International to trade locations, even if I wish to stay at another Marriott resort.
Interval offers Marriott owners a "request first" option, which allows the owner to first have a specific resort and date confirmed before depositing their "home resort" week with Interval.
After booking the specific week I wanted at my home resort with Marriott, I contacted Interval with a request first exchange. I was specific that the check in date had to be exactly the date that I had already booked with Marriott, albeit that I wanted occupancy at a resort on a different Hawaiian Island. Same dates -- different resort -- simple, yes?? Well no.
Approximately 3 weeks later, while travelling, I received an email confirmation but could not actually read in on my hand held device as the pdf attachment would not enlarge. After returning home and opening the attachment on my laptop I saw that although they got the desired resort correct, the date of check in was wrong.
I immedately called Interval and reported their mistake. They say that since my original week was already given away, they could not get it back nor could they guaranty that I could get the new resort for the dates I had requested. They agreed to put me on a "priority list" but that seems just to mean that I wait for something to happen; they are not taking any proactive measures.
I have called them to follow up several times; They have told me to stop calling them and just to "wait and see". They will not allow me to escalate this to anyone in their management organization. Marriott also says they cannot help.
I have suggested to each that since they partner with each other, the Marriott and Interval account managers must have the latitude to make it right. Neither organization is willing to fix the error -- although clearly it was Interval's mistake.
I have lost my home resort week and cannot check in to the traded resort until after I have authorized occupancy. Although it is only one day different, it is not what I asked for and does not allow me to make early flight plans as there may be changes, all of which will cost me either in change fees or in loss on one day of useage.

Resolved Renewal notices sent fraudulently

Every year I receive renewal notices for membership and just did again. The current notice says "Your Membership Is About To Expire." The bill never states when your actual expiration date is and is very misleading. My actual expiration date is 11/2014 and the reason is because my wife had continued paying on these notices without checking to verify expiration dates in the past. In my opinion this is not only misleading and bad practice but outright fraud when stating a "Membership is about to expire"...4 years in the future. I have questioned the ethics of this company in the past and it is situations like this that lead me to feel that way.

  • No
    NoMoreMrNiceGuy Jan 10, 2011

    They always seem to try to get you to renew your membership early. My advice to all members is to let your membership lapse. If Interval International didn't get members by making deals with the resort developers to include an initial membership for a year, no one in their right mind would ever sign up for a membership in the first place. I think too many people just continue to renew without ever doing a "value for money" analysis. There is no value here. Get out now and save your money.

    (Apologies to ING)

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Resolved Time share exchange policy

Internval International or has been a reputable place to deposit and exchange a time share...

Resolved Stop buying timeshare or just read

This is all i have to say stop buying timeshare or read the book before you trade
Now have fun
And by the way if you call interval be really nice to the person on the phone like i did once and they will tell you the truth that they don't have anything in some places thank god for that girl i sold my timeshare before i was in to deep and i have had more fun traveling without them than with them

Resolved Lying

Do not give this company any personal information. They say they are going to check your credit to see if you...

Resolved Withholding information

I have been receiving phone calls "inviting" me to a dinner for interval international timeshare owners. I've requested that any information that will be given at the dinner be sent to me by email or snail mail. I am being told that sending written information "is not the way that they do it. " the last time i met with an ii staffer, he wanted a check for $3k and when i refused said, "boy is my boss going to be mad at me. " doesn't inspire confidence, does it? So, can it be legal for a company to withhold information from owners in this way? After talking to a couple of people, multiple times, i'm still completely in the dark regarding what this company wants of me. I don't have a mortgage on this property and pay my annual dues on time. Does anyone know anything about this group? Thanks crystal [protected]

  • Ja
    Jahad1 Dec 06, 2009

    call 1-800-229-3559 and ask questions thats the number i call them with they are nice as long as you are i have been doing exchanges with them for over 10 years and because everytime i call i get the same girl it has made things easier to i love them been everywhere just tell them you want to know how to do your trade right and they'll tell you, you can't get anything if you don't ask questions

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  • No
    NoMoreMrNiceGuy Jan 10, 2011

    Wioth 2, 000, 000 members claimed, how do you manage to get the same person each time you call? This comment to the complaint sounds like a "plant" to me!

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Resolved Flagship at atlantic city

My wife and I spent our 8th year wedding anniversary at the Flagship resort thru Interval, we are Gold Members our confirmation number was [protected] and we stayed there from 9-5 to 9-12-09. Now the resort and staff were nice however the treatment we recieved from an Interval Agent was terrible!. The agent called our room to set up a tour of the resort and told us we would recieve $100.00 dollars to spend as we like along with area discounts, however when we told the lady agent that we didn't have a credit card, but we did have a debit card, she said we were not qualified to recieve our owners benefits and could not take the tour of the resort.Well I feel that we were discriminated against because we choose not to be tied down by the negative transactions and fees that come with credit cards, Now we used our debit card to purchase our timeshare, and we just recently used our debit card to upgrade to oue present status of GOLD MEMBERSHIP, Now if our debit card was good enough to purchase our timeshare, along with upgrading to gold membership, why isn't it good enough for us to recieve our benefits as owners, I really feel that we should be Compensated for the way were treated, We weren't even offered or given a breakfast voucher, at least at other hotels that we go to they give you a breakfast voucher, as owners, and Gold Members of Interval we should have been treated than that, and again I really feel that we should be compensated, and the agents of Interval at the Flagship retrained on customer service our member number is 2856668 and my name is Gregory Freeman [protected] and the unit we stayed in was 2403

Resolved Harassment

My Time Share is not worth what I currently owe on it. I do however continue to pay my bill monthly. Even though I never miss a payment, Interval International harasses me constantly. They call five or six times a day and email me. I have complained to three supervisors to no avail. The staff is rude beond words. They sold me a bill of goods, a worthless Time Share. I need more people to complain about this horrible company.

  • Tc
    Tctomthumb69 Apr 30, 2009

    First of all "Interval" is not a timeshare, it is an exchange service. Interval allows you to exchange your timeshare usage time for another somewhere else. They are also a membership service with a yearly fee, so if you do not like them don't renew your subscription. Interval charges around $200.00 for a one year membership. If you don't like your Timeshare that is a different story, because now that you own it it's like lifelong luggage that never goes away. Her are some websites for you to learn how to get rid of your timeshare. It's called : and This way you can educate yourself on the pros and cons of timeshare ownership.

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Resolved Horrible timeshare experience

I am a Marriott timeshare owner and sometimes deposit and/or exchange my week to stay at properties other than my Aruba home property. I trusted that if I booked an exchange week at a property it would be on par with the Marriott's timeshares !!! BIG BIG BIG mistake. I'm supposed to be staying at the 'beautiful' Wydmark Eagle Crest property in Redmond Oregon this week. An entire trip which involved roundtrip airline tickets for two, a car rental, and taking time off from work was planned around this. Unfortunately, after my 6 hour drive from Seattle to Central Oregon I arrived at the property and was shocked !! I had spent an entire day's travel time to arrive at a roadside motel/efficiency !!! This was NOT what I would call a vacation resort. The structure was very ugly, the appearance of the property inside felt and looked like a hospital, and the room was so dated and tacky I was wishing there was a Best Western nearby (because that would have felt like a 5 star property in comparison). We promptly checked out and made a 3 1/2 hour drive to Portland FIRST thing the next morning and are now staying at a really nice hotel which we are paying $175 a nite for. I called Interval International to complain and after being bounced around and spending lots of time on hold, the best I could get from their customer service rep, Rafael was attitude and he said to make it up he would offer an additional week with no exchange fee !!! I insisted that I get my $250 exchange fee for this property refunded. He pushed selling me more crap instead trying to tell me an additional week at no fee was a great deal. He started to get rude and have an attitude when I insisted on my refund and explained that I though they should really do more than that. (considering I know am incurring an additional $1, 000 in hotels for the week and trying to figure out with the airlines if I can get home sooner). LESSON in this: DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY AND BEWARE because that beautiful vacation property you think your going to with your friends and family may be a vacation nightmare.

  • Da
    Darlene Stanley Mar 17, 2009

    I feel your pain...however, we have been with Interval International for over 15 years (they were our Timeshare of choice for the property we own in New Orleans). we've been lucky as we normally exchange our week in Bonaire or St. Thomas etc., and have the Interval International book and are able to login on-line to VIEW the place we request.

    We have (not to this point) been disappointed.

    Under the circumstances I think I would have asked for a supervisior...and I do agree Interval should refund your money AND give you free weeks and anything (within reason) to compensate for your horrible experience.

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  • To
    tooootles Jul 01, 2009

    I also had a horrible experience with II. They booked me at a location that was not available and I found out only a few weeks before my flight. When they realized their mistake they refused to pay for my flight change or a stay at a hotel for the nights I had orginally booked and taken time off work for. customer service is a joke. They never return promised phone calls. Stay away from this company

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  • Re
    renery Aug 02, 2009

    My advice with regard to II properties ... before you make any plans, do some Internet searches. Go to the resort's website. Check out If you haven't used that site, it is an invaluable tool. We own 3 Marriott lockoff properties, so we have had quite a few exchange experiences. I would not go without looking for reviews from other travelers.

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  • Ev
    everest Oct 17, 2009

    We experienced the same with Interval...we went to Puerto Rico and they booked us at ESJ Towers the particular room we were given was a hell hole, and it was not equivalent to our 5 star exchange either! You can speak to a Supervisor or to the Vice president of Interval, they don't care. Over the years Interval has never found us anything we don't bother calling anymore. I figure between the Membership Fee, the Fee they charge for the week, plus the higher Fee I pay to travel over the weekend I can put this money towards my own "stress free" vacation!!!

    Anyone reading this be aware that if you are a timeshare owner, you will never get out of it they (the Timeshare Company) will come after your estate and any heirs etc...!!!

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Resolved Not a complaint just comment

This is Not a Complaint Just A Comment
First of all do you all realize that an exchange is based on other members giving up there units as well. With the economy being in the shape it is people are not traveling very far from there homes. They are not doing the exchanges the way they used to.

II can not make inventory appear that is not being given to them. Hence the Getaway inventory. This is developer space not part of the exchange inventory. It is offered to give the members a chance to travel and stay at resorts not hotel rooms for an affordable price.

Also if members would actually take the time to read their terms and conditions and use the helpful tips that are given the system might actally work better. The other thing is you can actually research the resort that is being offered before you make a 100% commitment to exchange or purchase a getaway. The internet is a wonderful tool and you can then see if the resort is up to the standards you desire.

II can only offer the members what is available and give any advisemnts that are available. It is still up to you to do the research for your vacation.

As far as the costs go... Let us face facts... Everyone had had to increase their rates accross the board. What once was will never be again. The memberships that are being offered to you are created to actually try and save you some money for the long term.

The agents that answer the phones are not magicians but people. A lot of them really do care about the members and will go the extra mile to help where ever they can.

Although I do agree that customer service accross the world has depreciated and things are becoming way too automated. Please try and keep in mind that the agent you speak with might actually really care and want to help you. Also try and be realistic about your expectations on what you think you are owed. Your membership fees at II are not in the thousands as a matter of fact a 10 yr membership is under $1000.00.

  • Ev
    everest Oct 17, 2009

    A Big Comment to your Interval praise:

    We have read everything Interval has written in their exchange very carefully, they have a beautiful 6 inch directory promoting all the thousands of resorts worldwide, we followed all their guidelines to a T, and we could not even find anything even in the remotest areas which were not popular. Even with one year or 2 years in advance or if you gave them 10 locations, even a bigger time window of travel ...Interval never had any availabilities period!

    That is a dirty little secret written by their lawyers, once they sucker you in can't get out!

    So I figure if I save the membership fee to Interval, plus the 2 weeks fee they charge, plus the higher plane fare for traveling on weekends, I have saved enough to have a "stress free" vacation anywhere I want to go on my own!

    Any more suggestions?!!!

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  • Ja
    Jahad1 Jan 13, 2010

    stop buying timeshare

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  • Vi
    vinnie5623 Mar 14, 2010

    OK...understand that Getaways are properties that II recieves other then via trades and not obligated to fill owners requests with...but what about the new Shortstay? These ARE owner deposits, yet II will take the primo late deposits under 60 days and sell them in pieces rather than give them to a request in effect. I've had it happen to me and their excuse?... " thats another department".

    And I disagree with your suggestion that the economy prevents people from traveling. If anything, owners cannot travel to Hawaii, Aruba, etc. and ought to be depositing properties to bank them for the future. If anything this effect ought to keep IIs inventory at as high as in past.

    Perhaps what you mean is there are less owners. What is the default % on timeshares and is the entire market preparing to crash ? II has a lot more Getaways from owners defaulting because properties are having weeks turned over for unpaid maintenance fees. If you cannot make your house payment...are you going to pay $1200 for maintenance fees at a resort you cannot afford to travel to?

    I still suggest IIs policies have changed drastically in moving more towards a premium travel company and less as an exchange outlet. This said...there are no checks in place to be sure as an owner waiting on a will ever get your week.

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  • Di
    disapointed in WA Dec 16, 2010

    I tried for the first time to use the interval exchange service, Mind you I banked my week at my home resort and now wanted to book at my home resort for this coming year 10 months out. They told me that they are completely booked up and that I would have to go on a waiting list and that I could pay them $109.00 today to see if I get my request. This is complete and utter crap. I can not believe they get people this way. So basically they got a free week that I paid for. So apparently I will not renew my membership with them and I will use my week every other year when it comes up through Marriott. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE. IT IS A RIP-OFF.

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  • Ki
    Kimo808 Apr 28, 2011

    Interval offers you no availability and crappy locations in echange for banking your week. I have a timeshare with Villa group in mexico which has a series of fabulous resorts, nothing i have seen on interval Int "AVAILABLE" resorts when trying to book even comes close in comparison. If they do... read the fine print, you cant use timeshare have to pay full price ...interval is just serving as a travel agent then...INTERVAL IS AN UTTER SCAM...what are they doing with the week at Villa del Palmar Cabo I "Banked" ...I'll tell you what, they sold it as a full price vacation to some poor fool and then offers a run down hotel in the backwater of Hawaii not even close to the beach. WHAT FINE PRINT ACCOUNTS FOR THIS????????

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  • Al
    albertmcdl Sep 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't believe that villa palmar is still in business, the company is run by Americans.
    They are scamming their own people, filling their pockets with fraudulent money.

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Resolved Promotion for free gas and 3 night stay

The complaint is :

I was informed by phone that I had won a 3 night 4 day stay no string attached, at that point I specifically questioned the phoner was this time share to which he responded NO . I was also promised FREE GAS which was a promotion due to fathers day. When I arrived I was greated by a TIme share Rep, . Needless to say I was not a Happy camper, Considering it took 3 hrs to get there, I then told by the time share rep that it was indeed timeshare and due to winning a contest.

Long story short, This was definitely a SCAM form start to finish. To this day we still have not received any compensation for this fraudlent promotion.

The conditions of the promotion was to send in receipts 100.00 from a select gas station to designated by us. We sent in 2 months worth of receipt the months of sept 08 and Oct 08. We got an "OK" on the receipts but did not receive the 2 gas cards were owed. I called FREEBEE GAS to complain the women stated they were sent out, after4 months of waiting with no results, I then agained called and was told COMPUTER WERE DOWN FOR 7 MONTHS, and was promised to get them soon.

Anybody interested in a CLASS ACTION SUIT

  • Mi
    Michael Faris Aug 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes I can help you with this do you own a timeshare with Sea Mist restort.

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  • Ja
    james1977 Sep 30, 2010

    I find these timeshare units not using the money they collect from us to keep the rooms up. I find bedding needs to be replaced. I find Sea Mist needs to spend money on the minature golf course and fix up the beds to have more blankets in the units. I plan to go to the meeting to address my concerns.

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