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International Magazine Company / Unauthorized billing

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We received a phone call from a lady who said that we owed money to her company. As she went on to describe what was going on I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. I than talked to my boyfriend and he told me that he had talked to her over two years ag and the company had offered him a magazine subscription service. When he realized how much it would cost he called and said he had changed his mind. We never heard another thing from them until Feb of this year. All of a sudden she was calling and saying we owed them over 800.00 dollars. I informed her that I needed to ask my boyfriend before I paid the bill. I talked it over with him and he even tried to talk to her but she told me he kept hanging up on her and that he was plain old rude to her. I talked to her some more and than we agreed to pay the past due balance of two payments of 81.90. She told me we would be receiving our magazines right away. After we did not receive any magazines I called back and talked to some man who told me I was a liar and that I just did not want to pay my bill. So I went to our bank and they reversed the charges. Now I am getting angry phone calls from this woman, she supposedly has no supervisor to talk to and I am again a liar. We are still refusing to pay the company and they keep calling offering us great dvd deals. She is threatening to send us to collections and have lawyers come after us if we do not pay.

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      19th of Apr, 2009
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    I am in the same situation. I am a college student, and months ago this so-called company called me and was able to say my name and know my address. They really creeped me out and somehow got me into this whole "good deal subscription scam." They actually charged me once and so I immediately called my bank to cancel my account. Then they've been trying to call me, but after I answered them once and hung up on them I just ignored all unfamiliar phone numbers from then on--which I must say completely annoyed my friends/relatives who has been trying to reach me! Then they kept sending me letters but I just toss them aside. Now they sent me a "FINAL COLLECTION NOTICE" saying I owe them $877 and how I have "refused...and rejected [their] attempts to resolve this matter at a reduced price." Are they really able to take this to legal matters if we do not pay?! They are the scammers here! I am really tempted to send them a letter to tell them off since apparently talking to them on the phone does not seem to help.

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      4th of Jul, 2009
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    They did the same exact thing to me. OMG! They took $378 from my deit card. I called them and they said I was paid in full and then they called me back a month later saying i owe them $1000+!! WTF? I cancelled my deit card and now they arecalling asking meto get a visa gift card or something tomake payments. I have all FIVE of their dif numbers saved to my phone so I kno when they are calling me. Yea, it really doesnt sound right. AND if they WERE able to intervene legally, they wouldve done so with me already considering that I've supposedly owed them $1000 for almost a year now and they still call me once every couple months to ask for money. I'm going to get in touch with Better Business Bureau to see if they're even a company and if not, then the BBB will transfer the complaint to the FBI.

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      8th of Oct, 2009
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    You should post their 5 #'s u have cuz they won't answer my calls and the original number on the paperwork is disconnected...Thanks sherrry

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      20th of Dec, 2010
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    I also owe them $877. Not sure why. I remember 1 year+ ago I talked to a lady about a) a diamond watch (that I never received), b) a million dollar sweepstakes (in which I was a finalist), and c) magazine subscriptions to six magazines at an amazing price (which I'm positive I did not actually go through with their transaction). I received a call today from "Andre Mitchell, " who if I had to judge by his voice, is built like a large black doorman at a club that you don't eff with. He introduced himself "with information that could affect your credit directly, " and that he first wants to contact me before my credit was ruined. He said my outstanding balance has been accumulating since November 2009, with $70-something dollars due per month for how many months. He said "I'm with the International Magazine Company, I'm sure you are familiar with them." I said I wasn't. He said I subscribed to these magazines and has proof of delivery. I asked "delivery to which address?" He said "Now I have that information, but I am not going to share it with you because with it, you can tell me anything." In a tone that meant I can play defense the entire time if I knew what he knew. I asked for more information, he declined me for similar reasons. I told him I'm going to refuse to pay that amount, with the basis that he couldn't even tell me where the magazines were delivered to.. He said "Alright, I'm just going to put this down as a refusal to pay and you'll owe more later." And right as I was about to ask for a contact number should I want to settle this on my own terms, he hung up. I feel like there is nothing they can legally do towards me if they refuse to release information like that. Should it have been a real company calling for real reasons, I know that there are things that must be disclosed before any payments are made or people are sued.

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      6th of Feb, 2016
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    I received a phone call for magazines back in 2011, requested a specific one, which they said they they would include. Never got that magazine, was bombarded by random magazines not agreed to, and discovered that they were taking out monthly payments twice each month, so blocked those. I've received phone calls from all over the states demanding payment, and now a mediator, who says pay $350 or I will be sued. I never got anything in writing, no statements, nothing, just harassing calls.The mediator did finally give me the name of the company, and says now it's going into the process of my being sued. They are the ones in breech of contract! Plus, shouldn't there be some sort of written documentation?

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