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South Africa
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After numerous attempts to get any support from Intec on all my queries since the beginning of 2016 I do not know what to do anymore. I turn myself to you now in the hope that something will now be resolved.

I have phoned and spoke to almost every student consultants at Intec without any results. I have send emails to the following addresses ('[protected]'; '[protected]'; '[protected]'; '[protected]'; 'nafisa.[protected]; Mfanelo.[protected]; Ghalied.[protected]'), phoned, emailed again, phone again with no response.

The consultants I have spoken to are: Ghalied; Mfanelo; Lynne; Jacqueline; Seybonga; Nafisa and many more.

Here is my problem:

I enrolled to study my course with you and paid the full amount of my course.

2015 went without a problem. I received my study material for my first two subjects. I completed my assignments for these two subjects and then I have no idea what happened. My last assignment for the subject Microsoft Windows 7 (I10053412-C) has been submitted to Intec numerous times without any response of receipt or results on this assignment.

My study material for my remaining to subjects (Adobe Photoshop CS6 – JN-43 & Illustrator CS6 – MW-22) has according to Intec been send to me, but I have not received anything. According to Intec these subjects study material has been delivered on 23/02/2015 with Introduction to PC Windows 7 – however these two subjects study material was not in that package. I have no way to proof that – therefore I said that I was even prepared to pay for it again because I honestly did not receive it. No response from Intec. The only answer I get is that it is being escalated – but this has been done since March – no results again. My course ends at the end of 2016 and I am unable to complete it due to your ignorance of my problem. To this day I did everything in my power to get assistance from you with no success.

Everybody promises to come back to me – it has now been 5 month that I am struggling to continue my studies. I am really now desperate.

Cornelia Johanna Greeff

Jul 12, 2016

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