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Good morning Sir / Ma’am

Student No: [protected]

I am writing this email as I have not received any correspondence from you in regards to my request since last year.

I am currently busy with my Level 5 ECD studies. As I have been working a full time job last year and therefore I requested an extension in the beginning of last year. I was said to send through all relevant details ie. Marriage certificate etc. so that the process could be completed. However, since then I have had several student advisors of which none had any idea of my request or the documentation has subsequently disappeared and was again sent through. It has now been more than a year since my request, and I was told that I will have to pay penalty fees for the amount of assignments that has not been submitted.

Why should I pay those penalty fees if your department has so many movements and information is not communicated to the next person taking over?

It seems that because I am not a monthly paying student but a fully paid up student, there is no interest in assisting me in this matter.

Please may I have a senior person, that has sufficient knowledge of the INTEC systems, contact me and assist me in this regard?


Tegan Claassen

May 17, 2017

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