INTEC College / incorrect info given to register

Durban, South Africa

I wanted to study online due to my work situation a lady at intec college was assisting me with my registration
The registration fee was R4000, 00 and there after R735, 00 per month
I was told that everything thing will be done online except my exams will have to be written at a school which I didn't have a problem with.

Once I paid the R4000.00 I received a email from intec telling me that 3times a week I will have to go to a school for lessons
Which I was not aware of before registration
And R1505.00 was being debated of my account by intec every month

They sent me a exam time table for the first term but did not send me my books and study materials

I called the lady that did my registration about the fees and going to school 3times a week her reply to me was "sorry I was not aware of this" I asked for a cancellation and refund till today I got no refund and they want to charge me 80% of my deposit which is not fare on my side had I known about all of this I would of not registered with intec

It's been 5months now that they have been sending me in circles

Jul 10, 2018

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