INTEC College / extremely poor customer and communication services

Cape Town, South Africa
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My name is Odette Mouton

I applied at Intec College last year, April 2017. The course that I applied for was civil engineering but I changed it to creative writing as I was struggling to much with the civil engineering course. I also had no subjects related to civil engineering on school, I would still though pursue that dream someday but obviously not at Intec College, the service is totally and extremely poor.

I changed the course in the beginning of this year, just so late January 2018 and send the documents on the 2nd of February 2018. Ever since February I have been in contact with Warren, Henk, a lady with a muslim name, Shakeel, Shakier, Ivor and Candice. I keep on sending the same docs to Intec and they keep on asking for the same documents. You guys should be ashamed of yourself, you have no customer service whatsoever! I paid my money in full right from the beginning. The process went smooth when I applied but now when I want to change my course you are not to be found, you don't respond to any emails. I honestly regret applying at this College and I wish that God punish all of you involved!

What do you think of yourselves, why work if you cant deliver a service? Do you think that I have money to go to your Cape Town branch whenever I can or come to your offices. I hope you feel good about yourselves. You are pathetic! All of you!

Sep 17, 2018

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