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hi my name is Nontando Lukhele i registered with intec college in 2010 for a matric rewrite only to find that the are not registered with DoE a few months later, i had to cancell my studies and ask for my refund till today i have been waiting for my money when i call they tell me that they will investigate and get back to me ASAP but i have never receive a call from them till fedup what is taking them so long to refund me and are they not calling atleast for an update.i want answers.

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  • Ms
      Mar 28, 2011

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have registed to study Supply Chain Management at Intec College on the 16th June 2010, paid a registration fee of R7, 823, made arrangements with the student advisor that I shall collect my study material from their branch in Braamfontein, in July 2010 went for the collection of my study material, Intec failed to provide. Contacted Intec College in August 2011, still no material was provided, sent an email of cancelation of the course and requested Intec to refund my money. till today Intec have not refunded my money several times.
    Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.
    M.S Road

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  • Ke
      Aug 25, 2011

    Below is the email trail, no response, no credit, nothing. The books finally arrived. Money not and they earning interest on my money

    On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 11:56 AM, Eleanor Pillay wrote:
    > Good day
    > I have had no feedback by when the credit will be made. The books have
    > not been delivered too, this is unacceptable and totally disgusting
    > that I have to wait for a month for my money, not too mention the
    > books. I would like feedback today as by Monday the 8th August 2011 i
    > will present it too the media.
    > Regards
    > Carol-Ann Nelson
    > On 7/25/11, complaints <[protected]> wrote:
    >> Good day Eleanor
    >> Thank you for your email.
    >> Kindly be advised that your refund paperwork was completed and made
    >> priority, please note that I have sent and urgent request to the Finance
    >> Department to confirm whether a refund date can be provided as soon as
    >> possible.
    >> Thank you
    >> Yours in Service Excellence
    >> Nadiemah Parker
    >> Complaints Officer
    >> 130 Strand Street, Cape Town
    >> Tel: (0860 313131
    >> Direct: (021) 417 6700
    >> Fax: (0861)313131
    >> -----Original Message-----
    >> From: Eleanor Pillay [mailto:eleanor.[protected]]
    >> Sent: 19 July 2011 09:08 PM
    >> To: complaints; Damian W. Pillay; Sarena Daniels; Lucy Leonard; Student
    >> Support
    >> Subject: Re: Credit and books - C Nelson
    >> Good day
    >> Please be advised I have sent numerous emails and a few phone calls
    >> regarding funds that needs to be credited. Emails dated the 04th,
    >> 13th, 14th, and 18th July 2011; and no answer regarding when the funds
    >> will be credited back to me.
    >> Sarena has been very helpful on the registration side and the refund
    >> request is to be attended by Damian Pillay. No feedback has been
    >> received from Damian to date. I am unable to get an answer on when the
    >> credit will be made.
    >> I am really at my wits end. All that is being asked is just to provide
    >> feedback on time and a date by when the credit will be made.
    >> I have logged a complaint on Hello Peter but yet again no feedback has
    >> been received.
    >> Please attend to the matter urgently.
    >> Regards
    >> Carol-Ann Nelson
    >> On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 11:52 AM, eleanor.[protected]
    >> wrote:
    >>> Good day
    >>> Please advise the status of the credit, no feedback has been recieved
    >>> pertaining to the email sent yesterday.
    >>> Kindly advise urgently.
    >>> Kind regards
    >>> Carol Ann Nelson
    >>> Sent from my Nokia phone
    >>> -----Original Message-----
    >>> From: Sarena Daniels
    >>> Sent: 11/07/2011 15:35:34
    >>> To: eleanor.[protected]; Damian W. Pillay
    >>> Cc: Lucy Leonard
    >>> Subject: RE: Credit C Nelson
    >>> Hi Heidi
    >>> When I spoke to you about this learners refund you told me that you spoke
    >>> to her see e-mail below from her.
    >>> Thanks
    >>> Sarena Daniels
    >>> Registration Administrator
    >>> 130 Strand Street, Cape Town
    >>> Tel: +27 (021) 4176700
    >>> Direct: +27 (021) 4176844
    >>> fax: +27 (021-4170231
    >>> E-mail : sarena.[protected]
    >>> -----Original Message-----
    >>> From: eleanor.[protected] [mailto:eleanor.[protected]]
    >>> Sent: 11 July 2011 03:31 PM
    >>> To: Damian W. Pillay; Sarena Daniels
    >>> Subject: Credit C Nelson
    >>> Importance: High
    >>> Good day Damian
    >>> Please advise the status of the credit, when it will be made.
    >>> Regards
    >>> Carol Ann Nelson
    >>> Sent from my Nokia phone

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  • Ch
      May 28, 2012

    I agree because am in the same position right now.I registered for a course in 2011 Feb and was given wrong information by the student consultant which resulted in me paying more than I was suppose to pay.They told me in 2011 that we will refund you.In Feb 2012 I told them that I needed my refund.I was told to fax my bank statement, I did and the waiting period they told me 90 days.A few days later I phoned to make sure everything was ok, they told me I must fax again.I did as they said and they told me everything was ok.On 28 Feb I phoned again and I was told they did not receive my documents.I send them again and promise 90 days from 28 Feb2012.I waited and on 25 May 2012 I phoned to check and they told me just wait till month end of May 2012.Today 29 May I phoned they told me I must wait another 90 days .

    Before all this drama they used to send me statements that I owe them.I faxed proof of payment .Another statement came again saying I have to pay .In the mean time they with held results.I faxed proof again and I got my results.After a few days they told me they were going to remark the exam. I waited and got the results after three weeks.After that I waited for my award.Nothing came until I phoned and I was told they did not know if I wanted the award.For GOD'S sake, if someone passes the exam he or she must be given the award.

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  • Ma
      May 15, 2013

    I registered with Intec College for my daughter in 2011. We cancelled in July 2012 was told we'd get a full refund back within 90 days. In Oct 2012 I was informed the refund was signed and sent through to Finance Dept for allocation & processing and will be ready to do refund shortly. In Dec 2012 I enquired again and was told the same! Well after many emails and phone calls it is now May and I'm still waiting! I'm told the same old line every single time...they are investigating and will follow up but no response to refund. I have heard nothing from senior management except "sorry for inconvenience" or "they phoned me to no avail". Unfortunately after investigating MANY similar complaints, I've come to realize they respond with the SAME reply to everyone! I want my refund as it is almost R 2000! How is it possible that so many people complain about the same thing and nothing seems to be done about it? A certain Melvin Moodley seems to be the person to act upon this. I am desperate for this money as they thrive on interest from other people's monies that don't belong to them. Please help!!!

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