SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Cooperpoor customer service

The website was down for maintenance yesterday and supposed to be up at 10AM today. It's now 7pm CDT. I log in with my saved credentials and get a 404 not found error. The customer service number is NOT listed on the website, but I found it via Google. I called customer service and they are closed.

Mr. Cooper has put up every kind of roadblock to releasing my flood insurance money from escrow. I swear they are making a lot of interest off of people's money this way.

Every time I call Mr. Cooper about the new paperwork requirements, I get transferred around 2-3 times. Frequently the call mysteriously gets dropped during one of these transfers, and I have to call back and start over with a new customer service rep.

My flood insurance settlement came in February 2018. It has been like pulling teeth to get any of the payments, despite having uploaded the correct documents (I call first to make sure I have the correct documents before uploading).

I passed the final inspection October 4, 2018. Still don't have my final payment of over $38, 000.

Dec 09, 2018

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