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I had unauthorized charges on my account dated 03/23/08. I disputed them on 03/24/08 and sent in the corresponding required paper work on 03/31/08. I called in April and again in May to verify that the dispute is under investigation. I was told that they had up to 90 days or two billing cycles to resolve the dispute and not to call again. I received no communication regarding the dispute through email or phone.

I decided to call in June since it was almost approaching the 90 day period to see what the status was. I was told they needed me to refax in all the information I had already faxed in. I did. Next I was given an affidavit to fill out and fax back. I did. Then after all the required paperwork was finished I was then sent an email stating that the disputed amount is over 60 days old and they will not assist me with the dispute.

I called Customer Service and spent over 6 hours on hold speaking to different representatives (many of whom hung up on me during my 20 min hold times) and different supervisors. I was told that the company couldn't find all my paperwork (even though I have a fax confirmation that they did!!). That they don't know why I was told to refax paperwork in. That they don't know why they didn't call or email me to let me know to resend in paperwork. But regardless if the company messed up in the information they gave me or didn't give me they will not be helping me.

They are an extremely cheap rude ignorant company that will do whatever it takes to save a couple of dollars! I have referred several people to accounts with ING. I was looking into refinancing my home loan account through ING this August.

Thank goodness I found out the type of company I was dealing with before I was too invested!

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  • Mi
      Jan 15, 2008
    ING Direct - Terrible service!
    ING Direct
    Rhode Island
    United States

    I am writing to complain about the ING Direct website, its' security and suggested communications methods. I would like to be able to write comments to ING Direct customer service directly from the site while logged into my account (other banks call this "Bank Mail"). I have been able to do this on other internet banking sites and find it annoying, inconvenient, and UNSAFE that there is no way to contact you online through my banking account.

    The instructions for communicating with you indicate that I must log into my webmail service provider and send ING Direct an email that includes my account number, name, address and other identifying personal information to obtain information about my account. Any educated consumer knows it is unsafe to share information of that nature through an email over the internet.

    I find it ironic that ING Direct goes to great length and cost advertising how "we protect your privacy", yet do not make contacting you online "safe" at all. Instead, contacting you is inconvenient and dangerous (and please, don't suggest the other option of calling ING Direct; I have been on hold with ING Direct customer service representatives for 50 minutes while they attempt to find answers). By the way, after 50 minutes of being on hold, I suggested that the customer service representative take my telephone number and call me back. His response was that he could not do that and if I wanted answers, I would have to wait, no matter how long it took.

    I have emailed ING Direct customer service and received no response to my query and complaint about the lack of access to safe communication methods between bank and customer. I think they just don't want to hear from their customers so I am using any other available means to get through to them.

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  • Cr
      Jan 19, 2008

    ALWAYS communicate with financial institutions via POSTAL mail (paper)

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  • Ra
      Feb 29, 2008

    You are right. ING Direct is horrible, they mailed our pins to a 6 year old address compremising the security of my account. Despite a written application with the correct address and a $200 check. Stick with local bank.

    ING direct also issued multiple pin number to me, after I complined about not getting a pin. only discovered this after not getting on line with the first pin sent, appears each new pin cancel the prevoius.


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  •   Aug 21, 2008
    ING Direct - Account screwed up
    ING Direct
    P.O. Box 60
    Saint Cloud
    United States

    I had been a happy NetBank customer for over 10 years, and have had nothing but problem after problem since the sale of NetBank to ING.

    It all started with the sale. I received literature notifying us of the sale and advising us to open an Orange account, which my wife and I did, on November 10, 2017. Unfortunately, and probably the root of all our problems, during the online account creation my computer froze (my daughter was logged on at the same time and for some reason an application she was running must have interfered with the process). Anyway, we managed to create a joint account (for myself and my wife), but we were unable to generate customer numbers or PINs. Literally, the Internet Explorer windows froze before I could select PINs, and we had to restart the computer.

    Anyway, the next day (Nov 11) I received an email giving us instructions to verify the account etc. To do this, we needed PINs, usually generated online (of course I didn't have one). I called, I explained that I didn't have a PIN, and was told that one was already in the mail (November 11).

    November 23, I still had not received a PIN. I made another phone call, the customer service agent said " it must have got lost in the mail", anyway a new one would be mailed.

    December 6, I received the PIN, unfortunately I was away from home on travel and could not activate (even answering security questions, I was not allowed to activate because I wasn't at my "home phone"). I was frustrated, but I patiently waited until I returned home, December 9, and activated it.

    Then, December 10 my wife received a letter saying that they needed more information. This letter containing a Customer number (86XXXX), and another note came the same day with a PIN. We followed the instructions, call the automatic phone system number, and the PIN does not work. We call customer support, we are told the PIN she is trying to use doesn't match with the NEW customer number she is assigned (the letter contained a NEW customer number 86XXX). The security agent says she needs a new PIN, and SAID she ordered one, I then complain that I must have access to our money, we have bills due, a big house payment, etc. I am then told by this agent I spoke to on December 10 that I will be allowed full access to the account while my wife's NEW PIN is in the mail.

    I patiently wait 3 more days, until December 13. I still have no access to the funds in our account that transferred over from NetBank, that I verified (after 27 days). I called again December 13 morning, and am told by "Victoria" that "no", I may not access the account, but that the NEW PIN my wife received December 10 might work with an OLD customer number (772XXX) that was apparently assigned back in November, Victoria suggests I go home and with my wife, try the December 10 PIN with this OLD Customer number. We call the 1-888 number, the December 10 PIN does not work with the OLD/NEW (772XXX) customer number, but it does work with the NEW Customer number (86XXXX). Eureka!

    Not over finish setting up the account she has to go onto the website and confirm a small transaction. But when she tries to logon to the website, it does not accept the NEW customer number and PIN that WAS JUST ACCEPTED BY THE TELEPHONE SYSTEM. Instead, we follow the online instructions (enter last 4 SSN, ZIP code, birth day etc.) and the website says her customer number is 772XXX. As you may have guessed by now, the online system will not accept this Customer number/PIN combination.

    So now, my wife apparently has one customer number for the telephone system (866XXX) which accepts the PIN mailed December 5, and another customer number for the online system (772XXX), which is apparently paired with an UNKNOWN PIN which WE DO NOT HAVE. No one can tell me whether a PIN that matches this Customer number was ever mailed.

    An ohbytheway, I still cannot access our money. I still have bills due. Lucky for me I cancelled my direct deposit (why should I deposit money into an account I cannot access?). I have a house payment due next week, I don't know how I'm going to pay it (you guessed it, I have the money but can't get it).

    Today (December 14) ING offers to send yet ANOTHER PIN to my home. I am willing to do this only if they can send it overnight or 2nd day FedEx, because 1)I have no confidence this is going to work; and 2) I need to make house payments.

    ING says they have no ability to expedite the new (3rd??) PIN number, I am finished and say OK, fine, close the account and send my money to my home (which is the address on record with NetBank for over 3 years). They won't even do this; the agent passed "my information" to her legal department, apparently this will take a long long time, becuase she said I will get our money much faster if I simply give in and have my wife ask for a new PIN. Oh my wife left yesterday for several months overseas, she won't be able to make ANOTHER call FROM THE HOME PHONE when this NEWNEW PIN gets here (if it ever does).

    ING looks like a great bank, they really do compare pretty well with other online banks in terms of interest rates, features etc, but it is obvious to me they have no control of their system access, their security process is absolutely draconian, there is some sort of flaw between their telephone and online systems (wife now has two Customer numbers, one for the phone system and one for the website)and they are completely unable to communicate with the other agents from one day to the next. Every time I have called I have had to explain all the prior history in full detail, no one seems to be able to fix it after over a month.

    Now I'd be satisfied just to get my money back, but according to the last agent I spoke to I'm going to have trouble doing even that.

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  • Jp
      Jul 13, 2009
    ING Direct - Atrocious Customer Service
    ING Direct
    United States

    Today, while speaking to an ING Direct Customer service representative to find out how to open a joint ING savings account in which to invest substantial funds from the sale of our home. I was told that I could not do that as my wife was joint on my existing account, and had not activated her PIN – that account has been open for some period of time, during which we have been living at two different addresses in Florida and one in Massachusetts from which we moved just 2 weeks ago to our current address. .

    My wife took the phone and ‘failed’ some security questions – most of which revolved around our addresses – probably in fact, because although we had moved (Winters in FL and summers in MA) we had kept the MA address with ING, and had mail forwarded etc.

    I cannot understand why we were told that she “Could Never again Have an Account with ING!” – and not in a very pleasant manner by an ING Customer Service representative.

    I could understand the need for further confirmation of her identity, and certainly would have been pleased to do so – including birth records, notarized statements etc., but such unmitigated inflexible attitude on the part of this individual is intolerable in someone whose funtion is to provide 'service' to custsomers.,

    I was also told at this time that the joint account would be closed and the funds returned to my (JOINT !) checking account. – If in fact, this situation had been meant to somehow misappropriate funds, ING's action would in fact have facilitated just such a thing.

    I am deeply disappointed in the treatment we have received, and advise any and all friends and acquaintances to not deal with such an impersonal institution.

    I received a letter from a supervisor after having written to Customer service, which showed absolutely no understanding of, or any desire to correct this problem.

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  • Bl
      Aug 10, 2009

    Please, I can't find the English version of so I can't access to internet banking of my Dutch bank account. The automatic voice on phone speaks Dutch so it can't help me...

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  • Bl
      Aug 10, 2009

    It's not easy to get the right website in English... even through google.
    The service from the staff is kind but not very eficient...

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  • Da
      Oct 23, 2009
    ING Direct - Awful experience
    ING Direct
    United States

    Contacted ING on 7.2.09 to transfer some funds from my ISA to my current account. Was told unable to perform this action as my current account was not linked to the ISA, it would have to be transferred to my old closed current account. Told ING that due to not having access to my closed bank account, I requested the close the account & return the funds. Was advised by ING send a 'copy' of current bank statement & cheque will be issued within 3 working days from receipt. Sent the letter 12.2.09. No reply or funds received, contacted ING 26.2.09 was advised needed to send original bank statement. Sent letter of complaint to ING & posted original bank statements to ING 27.2.09. Was advised 12.3.09 by ING received bank statements & was told that a Customer Service Team will contact me within either 12th or 13th to advise then funds will be received - No call has been received. Completed form & posted relevant documents to Financial Ombudsman as at a loss as to why ING will not allow you to cancel your policy & send you your funds.

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  • Tr
      Nov 10, 2009
    ING Direct - Unfair business practices
    ING Direct
    United States

    They advertised no fees and just last month charged me a $25 fee because my savings account was 'not used' for about 2 years. I contacted them within a week after seeing the fee and they claim they attempted to contact me to warn me of the impending fee which they never did. I contacted customer service several times to no avail. I filed a complaint with their customer satisfaction contact to no avail. I even filed a complaint with the BBB to no avail. I just closed my account and hope I will not be charged a fee for that also but I probably will. STAY AWAY FROM ING DIRECT UNLESS YOU ENJOY GIVING YOU MONEY AWAY TO PEOPLE WHO COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU AS A CUSTOMER.

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  • 12
      Jan 22, 2010
    ING Direct - horrible service, illegal practices?
    United States

    Be very careful dealing with them. RRSPs, mutual funds, and other accounts there don't allow you to list a beneficiary online. You need to search through their website to find the forms, and then fill one out for each account. Don't bother to ask them to mail you the forms because that can take weeks. Also, they are not very forthcoming with information. You have to ask very specific questions to get any answers, if you are lucky. If you have a relative that has an account there, and they don't have a will or list someone as beneficiary, it is a completely frustrating experience trying to get them to give you details of the accounts or to even help you figure out how to do it. Seems like they don't want to give up the money that if left untouched in the account long enough, they could probably claim. No wonder they can give such higher interest. Take your money elsewhere. It will be safer.

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  • Ed
      Nov 29, 2010
    ING Direct - Rate Renew Offer Declined
    ING Direct
    United States

    ING Direct recently made an offer to me via email to extend my current 5/1 4.5% for another 7 years at 3.375%. The one time fee to do this is $2, 300 and this which result in a savings of approximately $300 per month on my 450K mortgage. ING Direct subsequently rescinded their offer to me after checking my credit. While my credit has definitely eroded in the past couple of years as the result of a reduction in my household income (no surprise in this economy), I have never been more then 30 days late on my mortgage and when I have, I have always paid the late fee. Their decision is forcing me to search for a refinance with another mortgage lender (something I assume that the rate renew offer is meant to discourage people from doing). While it may be difficult to find a lender due to my 'below par' credit, it will not be impossible. To be honest I am quite surprised that something that would help me improve my credit and make it more likely for me to pay them on time (i.e. the $300 monthly increase in my cash flow) is being denied to me. A company that requires that their employees in customer service to answer the phone with the words' 'How Can I Help You Save Your Money Today?' is apparently not living by their words. ING Direct is no longer a financial institution I would recommend to others.

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  • Ma
      May 04, 2011

    Money Transfer Problem; Hi sir/madam
    My Name is Madan Singh Rawat and my ac/no is [protected] its a salary accounts. Last month the bank are temporary closed my account to say debit fee. So I Had go to Branch and submit the application but my problem are not short out in 1 week and my salary also due on this. I am daily call to costumer officer but he say tomorrow. Please sir shootout of my problem please.

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  • Co
      Jun 26, 2011
    ING Direct - No diligent effort made to contact owner
    United States

    When I opened a savings account with ING Direct the disclosure stated "...I can close my account at any time and will receive all of my money in full, with no fees or service charges, along with any interest owed to me." But what ING Direct failed to disclose is that if ING Direct decides to close my account for inactivity I will be charged a $25.00 fee. The website notes all the ways the customer can contact ING Direct: by email, phone, mobile, mail, and fax in order to reach the bank. Do you think ING Direct will make a diligent effort to contact the customer in the same way by email, phone, mobile, mail, and fax in order to reach the customer in one way or the other? No, ING Direct will not. ING Direct lies on their website. It states, "The Bank must make a diligent effort to contact the rightful owner... We use the mailing and email address we have on file for you to send you email notifications and a State-mandated letter warning you of impending escheatment. We make every effort to reach out to you to prevent escheatment..." It's a lie! I have received postcards from ING Direct for a mortgage account, IRA savings account, and a ShareBuilder's AIP, but I have never received a letter warning me that due to my savings account inactivity my account funds must be turned over to the State. From what I discovered ING Direct only sent an email and failed to use the availability of other ways in order to contact me so no diligent effort was made by ING Direct to contact me as required by law. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the online account is inactive that the online email may be inactive too. ING Direct was unconcerned to try to contact me by mail. If ING Direct truly would have made a diligent effort to contact me I would have received a warning letter and I definitely would have responded before ING Direct closed my online savings account.

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  • Kk
      Jun 23, 2012

    ING Direct Banks SUCKS!!! I opened an account and deposited two checks. First they call me and ask is there a reason I opened my account online...Daaaa Idiots your an online bank is there another way to open it I'm in California you have no branches here!!! then act like my two checks are stolen I told them if it makes them feel better place a longer hold on the check, then they literally just freeze my account and cancel my pass code and aah for got to mention the rep was asking me for my pass code for verification... WTF all their reps can see my pass code???? and that's secure?? ING SUCKS...

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  • Ke
      Jul 10, 2012

    Junk bank - I opened an account and deposited two checks from Home Depot almost a month ago, ING has cashed the checks and just keept the funds with no valid cause. I have made numerous attempts and their employees just dont give a s***. This online bank has actually went ahead and opened cafes to lure more custumers. Unbelievable they can't even run a legitimate financial institution and now are trying to run cafés. Save your self the headache, eat and open your account elsewhere.

    Forgot to mention they also changed my security questions as well the first time I called none of my answers matched, I sent a security notice via email ASAP then the next day my security questions were all correct. They are changing custumers info.

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