Infinity Insurance / not helping with my auto claim!!!

Birmingham, AL, United States

I've reported a claim on Feb 3, 2017
Now it's May 10, 2017.
And the claims department keeps giving me the run around I have called several times and they are telling me that it's ready to go and they where gonna send the check to the auto body shop, I've been waiting for 4 months and still nothing just the run around again.
Called today explained what was going on and ask to speak to a Supervisor but I kept getting transferred so finally I spoke to a lady and ask her to speak to a Supervisor Roberto Lopez but she would not transfer me, she took this matter into her own hands and basically said I've should've token the car in first then they will make payment,
I told her that no one ever told me that witch she says that It was explained when I got the policy and sorry for them not explaining the policy rite. I taught she was Rude didn't even say sorry for your troubles anything and at the end of the conversation people say thank you but instead she Hung up on me that is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

May 10, 2017

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