Infinity Insurance / repairs took 2.5 months

United States

An accident accured on April 27th 2011.. Took it to one of their shops in LA, a guy in a cast on his arm and a cigarrette in his mouth got into my car to look at the mileage, my wife has asthma. So i took it to my shop considering the 20%, at least the work is going to be done. A week an adjuster was coming out to look at the car. After body work was done, the car wouldn't go into reverse, took it to their shop, he couldn't diagnose it, took it to the dealer. 11 days till adjuster came out again, that was fixed. Driving out of the dealer, some noices appeared on right side while making a right turn, back to their shop. Guy test drives and says you gotta replace the shocks( car was hit on left front). I didn't agree with him took it to the dealer again.. It's the entire steering rack/Rack&Pinion that's cracked and needs to be replaced. 8 days wait for adjuster, 3-4 days parts and work of 2.. While all that goes on, rental is only for 30 days, so rest of the time i'm paying rental.. After the car is finally done and ready, they wrote an estimate at the dealer, and minused the $20%. So, rental car for 42 days, the enitial deductible$ 1000, 00, and paid the dealer "co-pay" $ 530.00... Do the math.. Never again

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