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When hoping to lower my good driver insurance premiums, I cancelled my policy with Geico after many years. They charged me no cancellation fee. I was led to the Infinity Insurance Company by a Triple A insurance agent through rather poor advice. Seeing my six month premium actually go up by 50 dollars, I searched online and found coverage through Progressive Direct for 150 dollars less. I took the necessary steps to cancel coverage with Infinity, but was told I would need to pay a 10% cancellation fee because "it is state law." I checked out that claim and found the law states that companies MAY elect to charge up to ten per cent. I called back and asked for consideration since I only had my policy for one day. I told the representative I had been give false information and corrected it by saying...the law says you may charge...not that you have to. I was told, "That is right and we do." Further polite asking for special consideration was met with repeated insistence that I would be charged. I have now read online several complaints about this company... I told the representative that I would be adding my voice to the list of negatives, but she simply told me again... "you will be charged 10% and have a good day..." So I paid an extra 50 bucks to do business with this company. Let the buyer beware. Oh - there is nothing in their contract that says there is a cancellation fee... Rotten company !!!


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      Oct 18, 2013
    Infinity car insurance - bad service
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    Well to start off they are very unprofessional. They don't explain there policy, just focused on taking your money and signing you to a contract they don't plan on paying in the event something happens to your car. I have never had service like this and hope that know one else experience the situation I had. Long story short, I have never been late on a payment and still ended up out of 13, 000 dollars. While this company may have low rates their service and style of business will leave you upset and out of a lot of money. I am now with Allstate and am so happy. please consider all of these complaints as a warning before you commit because they are professional scam artist...

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