Indigoindigo platinum card

I received a card tried to activate it but could not use the funds because I had to pay $100 dollars to access the money. I didn't pay anything because I changed my mind about even using the card. The next month a bill came in for $170 my credit limit is $300 . I called them of course and asked why am I being charged so much money when I've never used the card . I was told that once I activated the card I was responsible for the fees . They send me Emails a week before my bill is due stating that my payment is late. Every time I pay the card down to at least $30 by the next bill it's back at $100. I've still haven't been allowed to access the money on the card which by the way is only $300. On my next payment I will pay this card off in full and close the account. I've had this account since The end of July. Every time I get close to paying it all off so I can close the account by the next billing cycle it's back at $100 or better! They've caused my credit score to drop down 78 points for a so- called late payment on a card they I've never been able to use. What a rip off!!! Please run as far as you can away from this card!!!

Dec 01, 2018

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