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Indian Railway / train schedule

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This is related to train schedule. previously train between pune to ahmedabad called "ahinsa express" was running on friday from pune and on sunday from ahmedabad. now, from 1st dec 2006 onwards, train schedule is changed which affects lots of students and employees working in pune who sufferers a lots for the same. now, on week end, if they which to go to gujarat and want to come back on monday morning, they must have to use private bus.

Thats the request from every student and employee of gujarat.


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  • He
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    This is related to 2RJ/3JS Jharsuguda sambalpur DMU Passenger running between Jharsuguda and Sambalpur and 4JS Sambalpur Jharsuguda DMU passenger. This train has not run in its scheduled time in any single day. The distance between both the stations is only 49 Kms and travel time is 1hr 05 minutes but the train departs 1.00 hr late every day from Jharsuguda which is its originating Station and accumulates late on the way too. Consequentially it also departs sambalpur at an unknown time basing on the late, with almost no passengers due to its unscheduled departure time causing loss to public money. It is unfortunate in which route buses runs overloaded trains runs on loss. Will the Railway ministry will look into the matter and take steps to check the loss of hundreds of man hour loss of students and employees using this train?

  • He
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    Who cares the loss of Railway. Our Railway Minister is making Profits For him as well as Railway too. Railway Minster is Busy with trainning at IIM dont disturb him by Writing like this. He wil be soon Invited to give training to New Politicians on How to get Popularity by Cheating Public.

  • Ni
      25th of Nov, 2009
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    Hi. My name is Nisha Shah. I work at an online marketing agency at Santacruz. A shocking incident happened with me last Friday on 13th November 2009. I usually travel by the harbour line from Khar to Kings Circle everday back home from work. I don't have a fixed train time but take any ST train.

    I got a little late from work that day. I boarded a 7.56 PM CST train from Khar station. I have a I st class pass. 8' o clock is not really late and there is a good enough crowd in the trains. Ladies I class compartments are a little empty compared to II nd class. I got a seat and settled down with all my stuff- my purse on my lap, mobile phone in my hand and my gym and tiffin bags at the side.

    It was a routine trip, some more ladies/ girls boarded from Bandra. The comparment was almost full now with only two seats left next to me. Everyone was indulged into different activities – someone was reading a book, the other was on her cell chatting with someone, one was listening songs on her Ipod and so on and I was there sitting calmly as I was really tired after a hectic work day.

    The train was moving towards the next station (Mahim) and suddenly it halted in between Bandra & Mahim at the creek (Bandra Khaadi as most people call it). Many a times, the harbour line trains halt there for a signal. It was pitch dark outside.

    Suddenly, I heard noises “ Chor Chor” coming from outside and seemed like coming from a distance. It was a male voice. But then somehow I was tired and didn't bother to check whats happening outside. None of the other females also got up from their seat.

    The girl sitting on the opposite row was peeping outside the window out of the curiousity to check where the noise came from and I was just looking at her. Well, I was seated in a way that my back faced the doorside. Suddenly I see a dark hand approaching towards my left hand and when I look up I see a tall, healthy and dark man. I don't remember his face at all now though. I got really scared and I started screaming. Immediately and simultaneously, the females sitting on the opposite row who noticed the man started shouting “chor chor”. The men in the I st class came to the Jaali in there to check why so much noise from the Ladies comparment.

    This man came in and smartly in front of everybody flicked the phone from my hand and jumped out of the train. The minute he jumped, the train started.

    Everything seemed to be so well planned. The “Chor Chor” was so intentional in an attempt to get someone come at the door or to distract attention. The man came inside the compartment just few seconds before the train started so that he could easily jump and no one would want to get down at that khaadi.

    It took me few seconds to realise what happened to me and that my cell phone got flicked in such a fashion. Everyone around became hyper. A female called the police helpline. Another helped me to block my number as I had a post paid connection. Some started shouting that there should be a Police inside the compartment. Some got scared.

    I got off at Kings Circle and went to the Railway Police there. They did not even write a complaint as the accident happened before Mahim, so I had to report this to Bandra Police Station. Just imagine, when I was entering into the railway police station, there was this man who had just lost his 10 gm chain in the same train and was there to lodge a complaint.

    My sister was trying to reach me and she called on my cellphone. The worst part is that a guy actually picks up my phone. My sis heard a bunch of guys giggling and laughing. She became suspicious and she asked who it is and where are they speaking from. The robbers 9there were moe than 2 people) tells her that we have stolen the phone and speaks to her in an abusive manner. My father in law also called on my number and they spoke to him as well in an ill mannered way. Only after my father in law behaved as if he was a Police and calling from a Polcie station, they hung up. What GUTS!!!

    The next day, I went to the Bandra Police station and filed an FIR. I also lodged a complaint at the Bandra Railway Station.The authorities there were very co-operative, however, they had a very pessimistic attitude. They kept telling me such complaints keep coming and that no one is paying heed. They have complained to senior officials as well but no serious action has been taken so far. They also told me that recently in february they lost one of their constables at the same place as he was trying to catch the thieves and he was killed.

    It's been a week now and so far I haven't heard from the Police or the Railway Station.
    I don't have any hopes to get my phone back. But my major concern is the safety and next steps.

    These thefts are very regular especially at the Bandra Mahim creek where the train halts and especially the harbour line is at risk as it's the first track close to the Khaadi. Thefts are also a common scene in Mumbai, but the way it happened at a peak time was shocking. What if the guy had a knife or banged my head. All I want to convey to the Railway authorities is that when you are aware that this patch is risky, why hasn't any action been taken so far. If you can't catch the goons, atleast have some safety meausures there.

    1.The area is pitch dark. You won' t even realise if someone is standing there or hiding there. Put some big flood lights there so that atleast you can know if someones there. The first half of the creek is a little better thanks to all the lights that come because of the huge hoardings. Nothing that the railways guys have done.
    2.Put up fencing especially with glass on top in a way that no one can enter into a train like this and jump back.
    3.Lastly, have a police official especially in Ladies compartments especially for late trains. This only happens for few days when any such incident is bloaten up by the Media.

    As next steps, my plan is to meet the PRO for railways who sits at the Churchgate station building. I don't want my phone back. All I want is some preventive measures to be taken to avoid such incidents to happen again in future and specially at the Bandra- Mahim creek. We talk about Mumbai being a safe place, where is the safety?

    Why aren't railway authorites doing anything? Even the Bandra station master tells me that they are aware such incidents happen and that there are dopers, drug addicts and thieves especially coming from the slums behind who have been behind all this, but there is nothing much that has been done. In fact, he was surpisesd that I had come in to file a complaint as mostly people never take any action. They think it's a waste of time.

    All girls and guys who travel by train, please BEWARE of such tricks especially at the Bandra – Mahim creek. Avoid standing at the door. And if you are unlucky like me, it might even happen if you are actually sitting inside. I am still surprised how did he figure out I was holding a phone in my left hand. Someone might try and distract you but don't pay attention

    It's been a week now but each time my train passes from that creek, I pray to God that please don't have any halt today. My heart literally stops for a second and I hold my bag tight out of the fear that someone will just come in and snatch it as well. It was indeed a Friday, the 13th for me and I will always remember this really bad incident for life.

    Nisha Shah.

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