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I opened an account with in september 2013. I used it once but was told by my boss to not use it. I tried to unsubscribe or deactivate my account but there was no option for that. So I just thought that I will just not use that account and changed my password so no one will go in there. Since then I had moved homes.
In august 2014 I opened my own business and opened a new account with (With a whole new email address and a whole new profile) to send invitations to possible candidates. I had given that information to my assistant to do the work for me. I received notification that my account is being charged $7 which I knew about and that was fine.
On sept. 5, 2014, upon looking at my bank account, I noticed a $574 charge on my bank account from indeed. I called indeed and they said that someone had used my account to send invitations out 574 times at a $1 per invitation. I disputed this with my bank and indeed because this account was supposed to not have been utilized besides I changed that password. The next day, that charge was removed from my bank account and my balance was restored. However, 3 days later, I checked my bank again and now that amount ($574) was posted to my account leaving me with a negative balance. Again, I called indeed and they just kept telling me that changing my password doesn't prevent anyone from getting into my account! Really???
And, on top of that, what kind of legitimate business doesn't give their clients a clear way to unsubscribe to email notifications and no clear way to deactivate their accounts???
I have submitted a dispute with my bank but is that the only way this type of unauthorized charges from this business be stopped???

Sep 09, 2014

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