Indane Gas / overcharge by agency for service not provided

I am a registered Indane gas consumer No. 69737.
I am registered for gas supply through South Madras Gas Agency, Raja Annamalipuram, Chennai 600028.
As a part of refill, I was supplied gas on 7/3/2012 by the agency and along with that I got a bill for 70Rs for inspection charges. When I asked the delivery man, he asked me to get in touch with the agency.When I rang up the agency they said that it was as per instruction of Indian Oil and they are following directions.
I must point out here that no inspection was carried out on the equipment not even a cursory look. And even if inspection is a must it should not cost 70Rs which seems disproportionate and must be carried out by a trained hand and not by the run of the mill delivery man. I find that this is concerted attempt to fleece customer with out providing any service and I demand a reurn of the mon ey extorted from me, a helpless customer.
Thanking you
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