Incheon International Airportrude manner of the clerk of "아워홈ourhome food empire"

C Oct 26, 2016

I am very disappointed and upset by the unfriendly attitude which is so unacceptable from the staff of information desk and transfer desk but what i cannot stand the most was the rude, insolent manner from the clerk at "아워홈ourhome food empire" which is located at the 4th floor of incheon airport.

My friend and i wanted to eat a kind of noodles which is called jajangmyeon(자장면) and went to "food empire" at 21:10 on 2016/10/22. We told the female clerk that we would like to order jajangmyeon and she replied "no jajangmyeon! Here rice! Noodles there!" (She pointed to the other side) we thought she was referring to the self-ordering kiosks so we took a look at it. The female clerk stared at us with disdain, tutted, shook her head and said "no!" she pointed again and this time we realized that she was referring to the counter at the other side.

We went to the other side but the clerk there said if we wanted to order jajangmyeon, we should come back to the original counter; so we came back to ask that female clerk "do you have jajangmyeon?" she replied "jajangmyeon done! Only rice! Korean food close one minute!" with curt. My friend looked at the menu and the female clerk slapped the table and yelled at us "hurry!! Order close one minute!!" we felt so offended and decided not to order.

I've traveled to many countries but have never seen such an impertinent behaviour! I heard of many unpleasant travel experiences at incheon airport from others but not until i had the same displeasing experience did i resonate with them!

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