Incheon International Airportopening of bags and content in bags without permission, and also missing item

A Feb 21, 2018

Hi to whom it may concern.

I would like to make an official complaint.
My wife and my luggage in transit on flight EK 322 Emirates flight from Dubai on the 18-19th of February were opened and some of the content as well. Furthermore, a belt is missing.

Some of the Herbs and spices bottles had been opened. Also a bottle of CK perfume. The herbs cannot be used and the bottle of CK (large) is now basically empty.

It is hard to determine whether the airport in Incheon or Dubai is responsible, however, someone should be made aware and held accountable for this incident.

I would like to know what the Airport response to a situation like this in terms of the customer and or the employee/s who are potentially responsible for this.

I appreciate your immediate attention to this matter

Arie Vellema
Email: [protected]
Phone +[protected]

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