Impact Meterselectricity bill - notice month, inflated amount, no response from impact meters, notice letters received iver festive season 2017

I have sent notice if 'discontinuation of services' on 19 Sept 2017. I have notified Impact Meters that property has been vacated on 30 Aug 2017 and geyser has switched off since 1 Sept 2017. I have requested final account, which could not been provided. I have made payment of R1000 on 22 Aug. Only 1 person lived on the premises. No one from Impact Meters 'could assist' me regarding final acciunt queries, instead I have been handed over for ir debt collection. The debt collectir has sent about 3 notices over festive period... I have been away and therefore did not receive any notices. I find this to be very unethical behaviour. I have akways paid in time. The final account received is more than double what I used to pay monthly - R2202.

I feel that I am being bullied by Impact Meters and their staff. They refuse to assist to resolve this extremely high, unrealistic final account. This final account is more than double the monthly bill I paid over more than a year.

Please assist me in order to resolve and prevent of being bullied and blacklisted by Impact Meters.

Kind regards
Giesela Stover

Mar 18, 2018

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