IMC and NRAconstant and unsolicited phone calls

There are some options available to restore control to your the consumer to stop companies and organizations such as the NRA and its henchmen, IMC from contacting you. For those of you who are at the receiving end of this harassment these recommendations will not help. Find a reliable "masking" service online (I use and set up a masked email account. Incidentally, this particular service is free. Each time a business or organization asks for your email address, Abine/Blur will generate a dedicated masked email address for that singular purpose. I currently have over 30 masked email addresses, each for a different company. When an email is received at the masked address it is then forwarded to your real email address. The beauty is that if you are receiving unwanted email, you do not need to unsubscribe at the email source. You just delete the masked email and bingo they can no longer contact have simply disappeared. Well, what about unwanted phone calls? Abine has an answer for that too. Your own (single) masked phone number. Incoming calls come to the masked number you previously provided and are then forwarded to your real number. The caller has no idea what your real number is, so, if you do not wish to receive phone calls from callers such as IMC and the NRA you just block them, and just like the masked emails, they cannot call you after have become invisible! The masked phone number, unlike the masked emails, is not free however. It is part of their premium service and there is a small fee. The premium service includes other useful benefits as well. I don't work for Abine so do your research. There are other similar services available with a simple online search. Remember if you have already provided your email address and phone number to the NRA, this will not help you. I am a former NRA member and have since resigned and joined a more reputable gun rights organization.

Aug 29, 2017

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