IKEA / very poor service and there is no way to exchange

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I was looking for an office chair and went to Ikea to find one. I found a perfect one and decided to buy it, and I also want to mention that comparing with other sellers Ikea had more reasonable prices. So I purchased my chair but I did not notice that it was defective. I know that was my fault that I did not check it more carefully but that was also their mistake. That showed that they did not check their products at all. Anyway I came back to the store and asked for a replacement but they refused and said that I need to prove that chair was already damaged when I bought it. I had nothing to say. Person I spoke to was not nice to me and he clearly showed his disrespect towards me. I also spoke with the store manager which said that exchange was not possible. I'm very disappointed with Ikea!

Jan 16, 2017

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