IKEAdefective table

I bought a dinner table from a local Ikea store and paid for delivery service. When I paid for my table at the store everything was fine with the table. I checked it several times and did not find any damages. One the delivery day when I checked it again there were several scratches on the surface of the table. I refused to accept it and told the delivery guy that he can take it back to the store. Next day I went to Ikea and demanded a full refund, but they refused and said that there was no reason for them to do that. They tried to make everything look like it was my fault and that I was the bad guy. I consider myself a victim of this scam! I'm 100% sure that those were two different tables and that they tried to sell me defective one. I will not give up until I get a full refund!

Feb 06, 2017

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