IKEA / customer verbal abuse

Brooklyn, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 718-246-0921

On the morning of March 11th, 2013, I was expecting a delivery from IKEA to the Jacobs Javits Center.
Deliveries are accepted into the Center through the Center's Shipment Receiving Area. The Center's labor union (Freeman) is the group who must accept all deliveries to the center.
When the driver arrived, he saw that the delivery line to reach the shipment receiving area was very long. He was unwilling to wait.
He suggested that I bypass the center's union labor group and receive the shipment outside by his van myself.
I informed him that I was not in Manhattan based on the understanding that all deliveries must be delivered through the Jacob Javit's Labor Group. It would be another hour before I could run back to the center.
He said he could not wait in line and would not be able to deliver the shipment. He suggested I reschedule the delivery.
I called IKEA Brooklyn Store and received the most shocking, abrasive and awful customer service.
The name of the service person who answered my call was: Witima.
Not only did she scream at me, but she also bereaved, insulted and hung up the phone on me. Throughout the conversation, she cut me off and did not allow me to explain myself.
Below are the facts of our conversation:
- I called and explained the above delivery situation to Witima.
- She said I would be charged $100 to schedule a re-delivery.
- I explained that the issue was the driver would not wait in the delivery line to reach the shipment receiving area of the Javits Center because it would take longer than 15 mins.
- Ikea never told me the driver would only be willing to wait 15 mins.
- Had I known that this information, I could have made other arrangements.
- Based on this lack of information from IKEA, I did not feel that I should have to pay the extra $100 to reschedule the shipment.
- Witima said over the phone that this situation was all my fault.
- She said I should have known that the driver would only wait 15 mins.
- When I explained that IKEA never told me this when I placed the order, she sarcastically shouted "did you expect the driver to wait 2 hrs in line?"
- She then repeated that this was all my fault because no one was present to accept the delivery.
- I explained that there were people there to accept the delivery (the Center's shipment receiving center is open with people ready to take the shipment) - the problem was that the driver did not wish to wait in the delivery line. Witima cut me off.
- She bereaved, insulted and challenged me. She sneered that this was not Ikea's problem and reiterated that I was wrong. I should have known.
- She scoffed and told me there was no way she would reschedule for me unless I paid the $100.
- She gave me a "who cares" attitude and said "if you want your order, you need to pay the $100."
- I tried to explain my situation and why I felt I should not have to pay another $100 when it was IKEA who did not give me the right information.
- She finally got so mad she screamed, "WE WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU"
- She claims to have spoken to her manager Kathleen and that the manager agreed with her about charging me the extra $100.
- I asked to speak and explain my situation to Kathleen because I did not feel that Witima understood or was listening.
- Witima told me, "No you can't speak to her. She's on lunch."
- I asked Witima when Kathleen would be done lunch.
- Witima shouted, "I don't know when she's done lunch. You will just have to wait."
- I told Witima that this was terrible customer service. I've never been spoken to like this from IKEA before.
- She said "I will have the manager call you back" and without asking for my contact information she hung up on me.
- How could Witima have spoken to her manager if she was away on lunch? How could Kathleen call me back about this situation if Witima never took down my contact information? Would Witima even pass on my message to Kathleen?
Your company makes a claim on your website that:
" IKEA co-workers tend to be down-to-earth, hard workers with a genuine willingness to work together. While there are many reasons to join IKEA, if you ask co-workers why they stay, their number one response is “because of the people"."
For a company that prides itself for the people it employs, I do not believe that someone like Witima upholds this claim.
I am shocked that IKEA would permit their employees to treat their customers in such an abhorrent and despicable manner.
Not only did Witima raise her voice to verbally abuse, insult and demean me, but she also never listened to what I had to say. She cut me off throughout the conversation and in the end, hung up on me.
In her mind, she was right and I had to pay for the $100 re-scheduling fee even when IKEA never gave me the full information about the delivery procedure.
I am so disgusted with the treatment that I have received. How can a company condone this kind of behavior from one of its employees? The experience I just received from Witima makes me sick to my stomach.
The shipment is still not rescheduled. I have not heard back from Kathleen.

Mar 11, 2013

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