IHOP / service

Went to ihop Saturday 7/28/2018at approx 8pm we had to yell to girl to get our attention that we were waiting to be seated she told the other girl and she seated us got us drinks and then went to back of restaurant and sat down she came back and took our order then went and sat down again she never came back to see if we needed anymore to drink a guy with red shirt on and back pack came in and sat out back with our server we sat there for about 10-15 minutes and did not get our food the guy with red shirt got up went to kitchen and came out with burger plate we thought it was our food he carried it out back of restaurant and put on table and sat down
About that time my husband and I got up and said how much do we owe you for drinks the guy in red shirt got up went to kitchen looked in the door and said just wait a minute my husband said no we waited to long for two burger plates we don't think anybody made our food because there was a guy in black shirt that looked like the cook out back talking to the server and guy with red shirt
We would have understood the wait if they were busy but there was only two other people at a table
There was only lady with black and white shirt on talking to the server and guy with red shirt
Now we know why they had no customers because they don't care
They need to let those employees go and get some managers in there that know how to run the restaurant because this location is going downhill
I will be posting on social media about the service at this location and will not go back there
This is not the first time there that I had bad service went there one night when server was cooking because the cook did not come in and they said 45 minute wait
I have been in food service for 20 years and all this is doing is hurting the brand name

Jul 28, 2018

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