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I am HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED and ANGRY with IHOP on Assembly St. in Columbia. Not only have i worked as a server for almost 20 years i come to IHOP in Lexington, SC all the time but i will never step foot in another IHOP. I ate in your establishment and once myself and my boyfriend left we walked in columbia well we come back to my car that was parked in the back of the building and it has been towed. Not only is this absolutely ridiculous and cost me $180 and i was stranded in Columbia.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Columbia, SC We came in the front entrance where i was told a sign was placed about towing but where we parked (which i have pictures of and i have pictures of my receipt) there were no signs in the back of the building except one at the exit that is facing the street that we never saw because we walked out of the parking lot and this sign is not double sided and the eight spaces down from us have no sign saying towing enforced. Apparently even though we ate there we still were towed because we went walking around columbia. This is not only petty but ridiculous and the restaurants i have worked for would have never done this to a customer because our customers actually mattered. Not only did i waste money in your restaurant i had to pay $180 to get my car out of impound and being a single mother of 4 children and one with disabilities was a huge hardship on me and i am absolutely disgusted. Just making your company aware of this since Ihop could careless and the tow company was absolutely rude. Put more signs up in the back parking lot and make sure its stated that once you leave your restaurant to not walk anywhere except back to your car. Thanks alot IHOP

Jun 08, 2018

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