IHOP Restaurantscold food and bad management

I visited this location on saturday dec 8th. So first off my waitress acted like she didnt want to be there. She barely paid any attention to myself and my husband. Then we get our food and i ask for a side of honey mustard and she comes back with a little black container that had about a drop in it LITERALLY. So then i go to eat my burger and its cold. I tell my waitress who mind you i believe was the manager on shift because she had the different polo shirt then the other waiters that my food is cold she's like well the best i can do is make another one. So my husband is suppose to sit there and eat w/o me or wait and have cold food who mind you had a small portion of thank you ill just suck it up and eat it. I told her i wasnt impressed. She had nothing to say. She didnt even offer to take off the bill. She also didnt even give us her name because she didnt introduce herself to begin with. I never complain to corporate but this is the most displeasing experience i ever had. I heard other guests complaining about the bathrooms being disgusting. Im not on here trying to get her in trouble but i need this to be addressed if anything. They can not have a shift leader/manager that is like that. She needs to pay more attention to her guests and act like she cares about her job. Very unsatisfactory. Thank you have a nice day!

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    Btw this is the brockton location in the Westgate mall.

Dec 11, 2018

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