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We were dining at Ihop in takoma park and mozzarella sticks were raw and steak and cheese was way too salty. We had to wait a long time for food to be re cooked. New steak and cheese was still salty but I just decided to eat it and not complain. Mind you I'm a resident of takoma park and have been going to this Ihop for over 15 years, so I'm a loyal customer and tip very well as long as service is great! Once we received the bill, I noticed that there wasn't any discount offered other than sorry for the inconvenience. So I spoke with manager and explained the situation and he refused to give me a discount or offer anything for the inconvenience. All he said was, we gave you new food and I replied, that's not the point. The fact that we had to wait a long time is inconvenient. We ended up paying and once again I reminded the manager that it's not proper how he's handling this matter especially to someone who's been coming there before he even became a manager. He says next time I'll take care of you and I told him ther will be no Next time bc they officially lost a loyal customer plus all my family and friends that come to that Ihop. He said ok and had an I don't care attitude. This is wrong bc customer service is about making sure that the customer is happy. This is not about the money but the way that the manager dealt with this matter. He didn't even have a name tag because we asked for his name: he said that mangers don't wear name tags and yelled a name I believe yetti. I'm not sure if this is his name or not but I will definitely take this to the top because it's unfair and inconsiderate on their behalf. I also notice that manager is much more accommodating to the people from his country. I believe Ethiopia. This is not good because we should all be treated equal.

Jan 15, 2017
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  •   Jan 16, 2017

    I don't see why you expected a discount or free food. It was you who did not like the food the way it was prepared (no doubt to company specs) and they did cook you an entire new meal (they lost money already on you by having to do that, yet you felt they should lose even more money by doling out discounts???). The manager did nothing wrong.

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