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Niargra Falls, CA
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Hello. My name is Marissa and I'm emailing a complaint about the IHOP located at 6289 Fallsview Blvd. I ordered the Belgium waffle, which I always get when I go to any of the IHOP locations. After the first two bites, I noticed that the waffle was sour as if it was under cooked or the batter was out for too long. I then got my two sisters and good friend to try the waffle just to make sure I was right on what I tasted. One of my sisters is also a certified chef. They all agreed with me that the waffle tasted sour. I then notified the closest waiter of the problem. They then offered me to make another waffle. I declined because the first one was so disgusting. He got the manager to see what they can do. The manager came out and told us he could only take 10% off the purchase because it was "half eaten". He also admitted that he checked it out in the back and said he seen that it was raw in the middle. The food was only about a third eaten up and I have NEVER been to a food establishment that made you pay for raw food. I still feel I should have never paid for this and the manager was very rude and unprofessional about the whole situation. I am very worried about if the batter was left out for more then 4 hours. They should not be serving food like that to the public, let alone making them pay for it. The waiter was apologizing the entire time. It has honestly been the worst dining experience I have ever been through. I am wondering who I contact further.

Nov 21, 2016

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