IHOP / +55 meal

On 23/05/18 my husband and I were in the ihop in Kissimmee on the 192 near Celebration. Our server was Henry. I order the crispy chicken strips from the +55 menu, it stated you got soup and a side. I got the chicken strips with mash and sweetcorn on a plate just put on the table and the he walked away. We asked for hot water for tea as we have our own teabags, he brought 2 cups of water and a plastic with milk in, we usually get a jug of hot water. When we asked for more water it was another 2 cups just plonked on the table. He was very sullen and seemed as if he didn't want to be there not friendly at all. So basically I didn't get my soup or side so paid for just the strips.
We holiday in Florida every year and tend to eat here most days. I will be thinking twice next year.


May 27, 2018

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